Into the Jungle

The heroes quaff the potions given them to protect them from disease.
They wander into the jungle and some of the party get sick
They stay overnight and the rain comes down

most snakes are quite good
There is one such King Sharaman from lethargy in his dream he has seen magnificent pictures of temples

The king has one last duty
dazzling pure white diamond
talisman must make a pilgrimage and appointement to his successor
Ritual journey must be completed by travelers

small snake 2 ft in length
nervous little creature
Taj is the snake will lead us to Sharaman

Kal casts Speak with Animals
The doors of Sha’jar:
Kal cast Speak with Animals
Led us to the doors of shajar where the two rivers meet.
Taj scares off two huge boas
Led down into a cave
Meet the king who is a cobra with an elderly human head.
King says something and snakes slither away, Taj leaves too.

Sultan of all snakes in teh grey jungle
The serptentine majesty
The king’s daughter is the successor
must be touched to the headstone of the serpentine empress

draw a gallon of hoy water from the wall
take the water, brain and gem

The temples sacred treasure collected over the centuries is our reward
King Sharuman dies.

Printz casts successful dispel magic to free the stone and tosses to faruq who carries it in satchel
Kal pries open the skull and Azizullah lifts the brain out of the skull. Faruq tries to give a satchel to Azizullah, but he walks away, uninterested in holding the brain.

Taj returns and communicates with Kal, and leads them quickly out of the tunnel.
In the distnace, the hissing grows impossibly loud and signals the they have discovered the body of their king.

THe magical feeling of easily travelling through the jungle has left the heroes.

That night, we find some ancient ruins in the jungle to rest up.
THe heroes are ambushed by sleek black panthers, which Kal, Faruq and Roheen finish them.

Printz gets the feelign we’re being watched; a cold shiver runs down his spine.
As teh cold approaches,

Author: Turnerbuds