Investigating the Seekers of the Lost


  • tall thin black goatee with a bit of grey
  • less rumpled robe and made bitter
  • dark silver and dark stitching
  • mithril gear of mithril guild
  • no hat, but hood pulled back, balding at front but hair pulled back in the back.
  • well-spoken and educated, but has a small twitch in his right eye

Garados’ shop:

  • most inventory appeals to arcane spellcaster, and those
  • last two previous ages and all 13 ages
  • small selection of wands, used

wizard boxes & wide array of oddities

  • Lantern Werks in the saddle district
  • there are 2 obvious entrances; main door… long iron door… side entrance in the tower
  • Doesn’t seem to be much activity

inside small waiting room with small benches and a waiting rope, legion pulls it.

magical pixie like sprite yells “master, master there are some visitors!”

older gnome wizard (Cornelius) responds robe says he’s part of mithril guild, jeweler glasses, bald but hair on the sides, and carries a wand.

Milo gives him the letter, and he goes off to give it to her.  Heroes wait, and some other guy comes down to get us; blond hair slicked back like Draco

asks why we want to meet her; says it’s very uncommon if not about a complaint, and admits that Ms. Thent has not seen anyone in weeks then.

leads the heroes upstairs and directly into an ambush


Puki checks the letter to see what it said

Arlissa, the meddling fools who interfered without plans at Hawker’s square is downstairs…have one of the apprentices bring them up and two of our Seeker brothers with some ignorant guild members take them out. We are close to completion and cannot afford any more interference. Bring their corpses to our lair. Praise the One-Eyed Lord!


  • eyes are sparkling onyx gems


  • total of 4g

arlissa’s desk

  • 20g in a puch and gold quill holder
  • few nice pieces of jewellery she wears
  • pair of jade thumbrings
  • simple thin gold bracelet
  • potion of fire resistance
  • pair of black leather gloves of mind rot
  • hairpin gold shaped like a bat
  • hidden compartment in desk

another letter to her:

There is a letter in the desk drawer to her from Garados. It says: “Arlissa, all is prepared for the attack in the square. Ambrose has the cart ready and will target the mark. Sigmund and Paulos will take our castoffs to the sewer sewerentry chamber and stage them the night before. If my projections are correct, more than 30 dead will be sent to the Vaults. Landon should be able to send at least five to my lab from there immediately without anyone missing them. The One-eyed Lord shall be pleased with the carnage and it shall serve my purposes also. Please coordinate the final details for me and send one of our people to the emporium for the wording key to trigger the zombies.

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