Investigating the Square

Timeline: 14090

  • Therilsa suggested that the Silver Shields are not going to do a good job ‘investigating’ because whoever did this is likely a magic user and since the mages guilds really run things in Eldolan, they’re not going to want to upset any of them
  • Puki – medical background – begins by healing people that are hurt, and while he’s doing it he asks them what they saw and try and piece together more info
    • one of those you heal (badly trampled by the crowd) and he says he’s appreciative of the help; he’d have to wait forever to have Elsa Whiterose look at it for me… runs a mission for the homeless.  especially since he heard there’s some emergency meeting at the mission because 2 of the zombies used to go to the mission for help… says she’s a servant of The Priestess… she’ll be heartbroken that some people she was trying to help ended up… worse!
  • Bong – Ravenloft Hunter – to see if he can determine the undead’s origins
    • knowing zombies don’t travel far, bong inspects the cart; but notices a portly dwarven man watching Bong but clearly fearful of the symbiote horror “You’re afraid of me?” Bong changes back to Milo.  Dwarf says he saw two people in wizards robes overturn cart right before the attack.  they had their hoods up but wore wizard robes, but were not small and weak… they were big men.  Says he knows who owned the cart.
  • Legion – descends into grate from which most of the undead emanated looking for lingering magical essence; were the zombies teleported there, were they there already and animated… etc.
    • there’s a stairway that leads down to a small sewer overflow chamber.  the outer door was unlocked and open.  inside there’s only a pair of large sewer grates.  there’s a silvershield down there who nods as I come down (bizarre), says “No point in staying down here; grates haven’t been damaged and no way anyone could have squeezed between them.”  Legion says nothing and allows him to leave.  Legion looks for secret doors… nothing
    • Asks the highest-ranking silvershield who has keys to unlock the sewer grate and says Martos had them but he didn’t show up for work today.  Guard asks if heroes are going to investigate this… seems unusually anxious to wash his hands of the matter
  • Nidalru uses her womanly wiles to charismatically glean more info from people on the outskirts of the growing crowd being held at bay by the Silver shields
    • noticed that some people let slip terms that were a little out of place, almost like “Thieves’ Cant”, stories have been circulating lately, one has a man named Aerto looking for bodies, and paying well for them.
  • Idris polls the crowd for additional information
    • there’s a tent vendor in the square, a halfling named Rolo the Thin that swears he recognized one of the zombies as a friend who had died earlier of a horse accident; a broken neck.  says he was laid to rest at the Dead Vaults in the temple district.  but if that’s true… how could he be a zombie.  Rolo says that’s why people pay for sanctification… to avoid The Lich King gaining control over their bodies…

5 Leads:

  1. Martos – guy with the keys for the sewer area in square
  2. Cart Owner – might know how the cart with the pumpkin ammo came to be there
  3. Aerto – guy buying bodies @ docks
  4. Elsa Whiterose – ran the mission that 2 zombies attended before their unfortunate end
  5. Dead Vaults; Rolo’s friend should have been consecrated but ended up as zombie; how?

Heroes elect to learn more about thos that upended the cart, and talk to the dwarf that Bong spoke with:

  • Rumney is bald but has a black beard.  Rought hands that look of stone.  Owns a small shop in the saddle where he makes his works of art.  He was setting up a table in the square, and only noticed the cart accidentally, but now the center of attention –  gets the gist he wants to be ‘remunerated’ for his info
    • Puki uses Icon relationship to ‘relate’ to the dwarf and get the info without having to pay for it… they bond over ‘tall people being self-important’… but still works into the conversation that he wants to have us buy some carving
  • Rumney goes on to say, “pair of robed men drove the cart to square, robes looked like wizard student robes… greyish-silver (not sure), purposely stopped mule blocking the way.  then they totally stopped the cart and tipped it over.  Pretty sure they’re human but quickly left.  the big zombie came out from underneath the pile of pumpkins!”
  • says the owner of the mule (and cart) belongs to half-elf Pizarius Rayne owns small stables and general store near Rumney’s shop in stable

Puki reflects on what he knows of the icons… that The Dwarf King and the Elf Queen currently have a truce… and more or less support each other.  Elf Queen rules ALL elves, and while Dwarf King doesn’t ‘mind’ wood and high elves, but Dark Elves are still a major pain in dwarves’ ass.

Rumney agrees to lead heroes to Pizarius’ general store & stables.  As they walk through the city; we hear whispers of what happened in the square race past us; even the messenger sprites carry the info.

Also see mages in golden-light robe and go to the lanterns on the street and with long staff and utter a word of magic and lights come on.

When they arrive; see Pizarius’ general store seems locked for the night.  Rumney calls out to get him to unlock the doors but no answer.

Nidalru and Bong sneak in a window in the back of the store and Nidalru notices that it’s unlikely anyone’s been in the store today; it’s clean and orderly; untouched.

The two make their way stealthily up the stairs, but slip and have to negotiate to talk with Pizarius.  Pizarius has dark hair, bright blue eyes and sporting an old scar on his right cheek that makes him look a little dangerous.  Bong comes down and invites the others in; Idris stays outside with Bong to make sure they are not disturbed.

The cart and mule DO belong to him, a man came into his shop and made Pizarius an offer for the mule, cart and pumpkins he couldn’t resist; 35gp.  The price was overly high, but ya gotta tkae what you can get these days.  The man was a human called himself Grayson and wore the hands of a labourer, but Pizarius noticed his hands weren’t those of a laborer.  Grayson had a brass chain around his neck, but couldn’t remember where he’d seen it before.  As he was leaving he said to someone outside that they’d store the cart at the old Brewery; vacant and supposed to be haunted.  Pizarius goes on to say that we can’t mention his name in all of this; all he did was sell at a great price; he had no idea it was to be used in something like this.

Deciding to immediately investigate the brewery, the heroes scope out the boarded up, derelict brewery.  Electing to look for where a cart might enter the building, the idea that it might actually be haunted lingered on everyone’s minds.

Milo gets a feeling that ‘something’s wrong’ but he can’t quite place his finger on it.  A chill runs down his spine.

Nidalru tries to unlock the locked door, and a spectral sprite that looks like a spectre of a goblin skeleton with dead eyes appears and asks in a moaning voice, “What’s the word?”  No one knows how to answer so Bong says “Pumpkin”. The image shrieks 10 times and disappears in a puff.  realizing now that time is likely of the essence, Nidalru tries the door again and hears a click; indicating she was successful.

Entering the brewery, the heroes are immediately met with the results of their stealth failure.


  1. Dwarf skeletons have been animated
  2. Grayson destroys a bridge and some heroes fall into lower level where ghouls are released

Going through their things, we find spell components, gold, in Grayson’s pocket is a note that reads:

Ambrose you did well with the cart, the attack achieved what we desired though the fools that intervened reduced our expected output.  Keep out of sight for now.  When things calm down, come to the Dreammaster’s Theatre for the next delivery.


Nidalru checks Grayson’s body and finds:

  • Bone Rod
  • spell components

While heroes are going through the remains… Legions gets the distinct impression that this place IS actually haunted and it’s not safe to linger…

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