Investigative Ping Pong

The heroes turn their attentions to finding Claptius and his floating citadel –

Travel back to Shadowport, Nidalru uses her 5 to find out if anyone has seen the citadel before, finds someone who’s actually worked with them before

  1. came across someone who had hired these cloud giant mercs before
  2. very efficient
  3. doesn’t want to say what he used ’em for, but they did security
  4. the mission had something to do with demons (to protect against the dark knights of the crusader)
  5. warns there’s a sorceress elementalist among them & they have pet silver dragons (hunting hawks)
  6. they’ve been accepting jobs from what they call ‘little folk’, but are more willing to do so lately.
  7. confirmed that they’ve apparently accepted a job with members of “the syndicated”

Nidalru asks how we get in touch with them

  1. contact takes out of his jacket a 2ft glass stick with a flammable liquid
  2. light it and it launches into the sky, and explodes such that they’ll see it no matter where they are
  3. they arrive 2days later
  4. warned they are not cheap – they prefer rare items, powerful items, sahugin gold

later in the day, the heroes are making their way to the meet with Nidalru‘s contact and are set upon by members of the Cult of the Stone Thief, INCLUDING Nidalru‘s contact!


Looting the bodies - they have about 600gp and the rod that will attract the cloud giants

As the heroes go deeper into the wild, away from population to ensure there are no casualties, they come to a bridge where a warning arrow lands in front of them:

  • Facing the heroes, there are a contingent of high elves, all with menacing intent
  • “You are the reason we are exiles!  You are the reason we are no longer elves!”


  • elves are CLEARLY battle-hardened, critting us like crazy!
  • Legion blasts with a huge lightning bolt but goes down
  • Puki stood his ground vs. multilple ranged attackers despite status effects
  • Idris CRUSHES the ‘imposter’ bladesinger (lol!)
  • nidalru calculating odds and finishing off elves
  • Merian big heal for Legion and big damage vs. elves


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