Island Lions

Seek the Southern Shores where the Lost One dwells. Only then will your secrets be safe.

So says Suhail (Minzan) the lions of yesterday
he’s the guy who brought down the geomancers but weren’t able to kill the last of the 9, who flew into a well-fortified fortress and was sealed up. IF the seal was ever broken, she’d be freed again.




A* – Faruq – Rod (hehe) Glowing, beautiful creamy-white purple-headed platinum sapphire at the top ROd of the Pact Keeper +2)
A* – Roheen – Gold Hilted Scimitar in a faded crimson sheath (Intelligent; knows Ashtarek… great at guilt trips – Holy Avenger – Breaker of the Ninth Chain
A* – Kal – ceremonial headsman’s axe (Greataxe of Sharpness)
A* – Azizullah – STaff (fire motif and a big red ruby) (Staff of Fire)
N* – Roheen – Pair of silk slippers Boots of Elvenkind
A* – Kal – Talisman of Free Action (Talisman from the Old Kingdom (we recognize stuff from the ancient cultures: Def magical) Talisman of Free Action)
A* – Azizullah – pair of bracers (all the colours of the elements) Bracers of Armor
Faruq – ivory-hilted dagger +3
A* – Roheen – Silver ring with black onyx jewel in the middle (RIng of Necrotic Resistance)


Large clay Urn (Keoghtom’s Ointment)
Musical Instrument (chime of opening)

gold dinar
thousands of silverdiram
15 white pearls
mahogancy statue of a boy riding a hippocampus
gold plated nautilus shell carved with a wave-like pattern
a delicate incense burner with 4 compartments shaped in the form of a rose


Tisan Balshareska (The Geomancer), the last, the one who has been freed

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