Jabal Sarahin

The cold mountainside welcomed the sun as it peaked over the horizon. The rays warmed the party’s camp but did nothing to warm the somber mood. Faruq‘s watch was finishing but he still felt exhausted. His heart was heavy with empathy for Fadiya; he did not know how to console her.

After checking to make sure that the small alcove where Omar lay was still ‘protected’, the heroes began discussing what to do next.

The Fortress of Jabal Sarahin

Either thrown from the tower of dawn or lower you into the pit of 1000 voices (within the pit, there isa creature known as the babbler, but whatever kind it is, it talks with hundreds of voices all at once, some of them human, some dogs. Sometimes those that die down there, don’t stay dead. If you can navigate the pit, you will be in the heart of the fortress.

The heroes decide to assault the fortress, Fadiya is intent on killing the Grandfather for his role in Omar’s death.

Most noble one, chosen of Hajama, we are honoured that you would grant us audience.

Witness to the affront that is the Caliph of Wasat’s choice of Imam, we wish to act as one of the strong arms of Hajama.

To ensure that the strongest and most fair god Hajama is represented among and above the others in Wasat


Yusuf killed previous grandfather

The Babbler
Yusuf bin Ayub – The Grandfather
Jezeeda al-Kadarosti
Aziz al-Asra
Jamila al-Zahad
Caliph of Shadows

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