J’afrock: The History

“Evil Science is my Father, and Dark Magic my Mother …”

A being should be judged on his actions. Your past offers no excuse to be cowardly and evil. All beings must be brave and embrace life’s challenges freely, with conviction and honour. Let no being stand in your way of glorious and righteous deeds in the name of your god. Let the chaos of battle wash over and when it is over, look around. If the carnage of the battlefield assaults your senses; the salt from the blood so heavy in the air that you taste it on your tongue, the faint moans of opponents and the cries of victory of allies, then rejoice, for victory is yours and you have brought honour to your god. Should you see grassy plains and a tranquil landscape, pray that you have fought bravely, because you are surely dead, and Agravelenon cares not for cowards.

I was created, not born. Evil science is my father and dark magic my mother. I was never meant to be. My brother Turrosh, created with me, should have been stronger, faster and more cunning. But the dread experiments of the Scarlet Brotherhood were too good. Two beings lay there, where only one should. My Orcish birthright is apparent, yet my other half is not only human, but a mess of elf and dwarf as well.

Turrosh always resented me, as if I had stolen the power that was rightfully his. The Scarlet Brotherhood sent me to one of their forgotten monks, to be trained, while Turrosh learned from the most deadly of the Brothers.

Our hatred of the Brotherhood bonded us, as much as our blood.

After our escape, the freedom was overwhelming. Turrosh and J’afrock Mak, brothers in arms. Nothing in the Pomarj could stand against us. Tribes united behind us? Hmmph. OK Turrosh? They fell beneath his savage and cunning charisma. I never fit in. Battle was empty, the goals meaningless. There was no glory, only slaughter and pillage.

Deneb Kore changed that. He strengthened my soul. He told me of Agravelenon. He taught me the Urgrosh. I owe him everything. Why his dwarven brethern cast him out I will never know. I will restore his name?.. our name. Our clan be sung of again, in warrior halls, beneath the mountains. Honour will be restored, just as I have avenged his death. I only hope that Turrosh was not involved?

I will seek out others like myself. Outcasts, that have yet to find meaning and purpose. I will lead them to it and much more. But for now, Agravelenon has sent me down a path. While I question the agenda of those around me, it will not deter me from helping my companions accomplish our goals.

Tiemel, we are brothers. We share the same love of battle and glorious exploits in the name of Agravelenon. I cannot fathom your carefree attitude. It matters little, for we are brothers and I would lay down my life for you, as I know you would for me.

Talen, I know you not. You fight well and bravely, and that is all that matters for now. If you are at my back, I will will trust that it is well guarded. You are quiet and dour for an Elf. Do you carry a shameful legacy as I do? Do you seek to become more than you are? Perhaps we will have a greater kinship than I would expect.

S’Thiss, you are an enigma, the only original member of the Scourge. To have seen Agravelenon and Parthen reveal themselves to the chosen must have been tremendous. I envy that. Your Drow heritage is no worse than my own. We have both grown beyond it, and that must be respected. What higher power do you revere? Lose yourself in glorious battle, S’Thiss. Perhaps this will quell the demons inside you.

Khaal Wraath: You are a coward. The way out is clear, you only have to travel it. Power without direction, violence without purpose is unacceptable. Honour must temper all action. You are without honour, to serve one such as Karoolck. If not for Tiemel, you would not be here. I will reserve further judgment until I see you in battle. This will reveal all.

Azier, you are a child, or seem to be. Do you have power beneath that vulnerable exterior? What is you master’s true agenda?

Callimar, you are the personification of honour. Your steadfastness and resolve is admirable. You do not seem to revel in the adrenaline of battle. Maybe your lawful nature prevents it.

Author: Dave V