Jumping Through Hoops

The heroes seem sated by Cerilla’s answers and pursue Rasputin from Nidalru‘s ‘memories’

Heroes continue to interrogate Casila but she seems genuine enough and genuinely afraid of The agents of The Three

  • the heroes decide to use Baron Voth’s info and go after Rasputin
  • Nidalru reasons that the way to find Rasputin starts in a warehouse on the docks
  • two traps go off and heroes press inside; ambushed by the jester syndicate crew
  • Nidalru discovers a shimmering portal hidden under some boxes
  • Legion is able to ‘fuel’ transport through the portal with his memorized magicks
  • Heroes teleported somewhere bizarre; a hallway darkened by magic against a burning brazier; demonic assassins ready for their arrival
  • heroes triumph against the assassins and prepare for the next ‘jump’ through these mysterious portal rings
Author: Turnerbuds

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