Khaal Wraath

“Captain of the Combat Mages of Rauxes”

  • Alive/Dead: Alive
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 6′ 5″
  • Weight: 191 lbs.
  • Age: unkonwn
  • Hair: Stark White
  • Eyes: Turqoise, oddly shaped
  • Skin: pale
  • Alignment: unknown
  • Religion: unknown
  • Affiliation: The Combat Mages of Rauxes
  • Adventuring Company: The Ministry of the Blade
  • Campaign: –
  • Setting: Greyhawk
  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Spouse: –
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: –
  • 1e: Didn’t Exist
  • 2e: Specialist Wizard
  • 3e: Wizard
  • 3.5e: Archmage
  • 4e: Prince of Hell 21
  • 5e: Warlock? 14
  • 13a: –

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… unknown…


Khaal Wraath is a daunting figure. Not in brute physical strength, but in his charisma. Extremely tall, he has spent enough of his life in combat training to give him the broad shoulders that are now slightly hunched from study. He has long, stark white hair that is often left hanging to the middle of his back. Almost always cloaked in his chosen robes of black and dark blue, it is more to contrast his strangely white hair than for the social occasions others dress for. A long sword is almost always strapped to his back or hanging precariously at his side, its size diminished because of Khaal‘s height. This sword is a daunting and huge heavy blade that Khaal Wraath trained with as he rose in the ranks of the Rauxes armies, but now is purely ornamental; when necessary, Khaal calls on a much more fearsome weapon than ornate steel. Upon closer inspection, Khaal Wraath has a fair, pale complexion with excellent skin and is quite handsome. His facial features are very young, though his eyes have dark circles around them. The eyes themselves are the most striking thing about Khaal Wraath‘s appearance. They are a brilliant turquoise colour; almost glowing they are so blue. His drab attire, his stark white hair and pale skin just accentuate these eyes that swim with blues and lock you in their gaze. Khaal Wraath prefers the luxurious velvet robes afforded him in Rauxes, and wears very little in the ways of jewellery or other clothing.The sword Khaal Wraath carries is a sign of Khaal Wraath‘s station.Forged from a mirror-like, reflective metal, it is lined with archaic symbols and incredible jewels from the Rauxes treasury. Beneath his locks of white hair is seldom visible a deep red-coloured steel circlet. With no jewels, nor any sigils or marks of any kind, it is only 3/4 of an inch wide, and rests beneath his hairline, on his brow. With his hair pulled back properly, this circlet disappears, but Khaal Wraath is never without it.


Cold. Cold and unfeeling is the only impression you get from him. Almost as though he is not hearing, seeing or feeling anything at all. Passive and uncaring, he has seen much more than any mortal ever will and it may have desensitized him to even the Scourge’s exploits. He is VERY quiet, even under direct questioning. More than a few words will never be spoken except about the things that interest him. He is very patient and will never be rushed to do anything, knowing that it is through patience and delicate manipulation that the magic will flow… Khaal Wraath is sincere, but not emotional. You can tell that when he speaks it’s only because he has given the matter thought, or is unwilling to consider an alternative. He is not jittery, and at times almost seems like he doesn’t move at all. He can sit in the exact same position for hours on end and stands very still without pacing or fidgeting. In conversation, Khaal Wraath is at his MOST unnerving. Conversation pleases him, though he contributes very little. But to watch him while you speak is disconcerting; he always has his head bowed (because he is so tall) and looks down at you with an intense, charismatic gaze. His eyes literally “lock” on to you, and are completely unswerving in their intensity. Even when someone addresses Khaal Wraath from outside his field of vision, he will wait very patiently for them to come around and meet that cold gaze. Speaking intelligently with Khaal Wraath is treated more of as a privilege than a common occurrence.


He always speaks in his deep whisper, but it is uncertain whether or not he is physically incapable of speaking differently or not. While he is quite pleasant to watch from afar, being in close contact with Khaal Wraath is not at all pleasurable.Khaal Wraath is a dark and mysterious character, as far as the party knows, his only apparent personality quirk is that he only rests while in a corner, or leaning up against a wall. He might not be sleeping when he does this; perhaps it’s a form of meditation. He’s shown a clear aversion to the sun and is often cowled…


Khaal Wraath has never worked. Work in Rauxes is studying, and that’s all he has spent his life doing. The intricacies of the arcane, from ancient writings to perfecting his own casting, he has never had to do anything “work-related”. Becoming part of the Combat Mages of Rauxes was only the natural next step in his learning, and while he now commands much authority in Rauxes, it is still only a thin veil covering the rest of his time spent deep in contemplation and huddled over his books.


As of right now, Khaal Wraath knows Rauxes as his home. The specifics are very much secret, but I think you’ll all get a chance to visit soon. He is very dependent on the ‘creature comforts’ that he’s been afforded in his luxurious life thus far, and once showed signs of discomfort in the ranks of the rustic Scourge.



  • Tiemel: This one I remember well. Jovial and light-hearted, he seems at odds with the argumentative group. He was quite pleasant with me when once we shared battle, but in the end, he was just another of those that chose to save themselves rather than aid me. No matter, I do not need them now. Simple in mind, but very capable with steel, even now he shows no sign of fear for me and is very welcoming to me. Perhaps it’s that elven blood that pumps his cold heart, it is probably only a matter of time before he drops his blades and picks up a paintbrush to mimic “holy Corellon’s creation”. What nonsense. It’s a good thing elves live as long as they do; it gives them time to be flippant and uninvolved. Perhaps this one will take the teachings of his human god and show human ambition. We shall see…
  • Talen: I enjoy the silence this one carries with him. Those that talk often, talk too much and spew nonsense that clutters an analytical mind. He too carries those blades with him, but I wonder what else he can do. Can he only be quiet and fight well? He obviously is a caster of some kind, perhaps only to empower himself to fight better. But what does he fight for? He speaks seldom, is it because he has nothing to say? I heard the dragon tell him he was young, clearly, this is in elven standards for I think him to be much older than I. I will watch this one more carefully than the talkative one; those who say so little are perhaps hiding their true intentions…
  • S’Thiss: I like this one. I have heard the tales of S’Thiss of The Scourge. Where the others only lay claim to the name, he was there in the Underdark, and thwarted the plans of the Aboleth with the priests and the monk. Rumour has it he even swung the killing blow to the Aboleth Queen. What a sight that must have been! In my divination, it is quite obvious he is much more than he seems. His clutter of bags and satchels shows me that he practices many different skills. Perhaps he and I can find mutual benefit in learning more about one another. There is more to gain with this one than simply “the good of the many”. I see in him the darkness I have known. I know not of the conflict that they all speak of within him. He does not look to me as though he is fighting any battles; perhaps he is quite content with the dark shard that Tiamel spoke of during the meeting. Excellent…
  • Jafrock: This one will be difficult. He is quite convinced in his ignorance that brute strength rules all. Ha, in time he will learn. The priest Tanamier was an accomplished mage, I find it strange he does not offer me more respect. I was quite surprised when he threatened me; he did not ask to speak candidly and offered me no introductory gesture. I think he is in denial of just how comfortable someone like me will make him again. All those years with Mak must have made him appreciate what I am doing, he will come to see that he and I truly do have something in common. Until then, however, I must watch him. While I see in him the seed of evil that resides quite pleasantly within the Dark Elf, he is in rigid denial that he can once again adopt his “old habits”. Civilization has not met well with this barbarian. It is time for me to show him again his true nature. I will befriend this one; if only from a distance. He will be the measure by which I can estimate my safety within a group of such divided souls.
  • Callimar: My Master insists that I aid these adventurers. Before they arrived with Philidor I almost laughed aloud when Mordenkainen referred to them as “… succeeding despite themselves…”. Callimar is clearly displeased with the Conclave of Angels and is using The Scourge as a convenient excuse to leave them for a time. He is a powerful warrior and were it not for his brethren’s aid I would have destroyed him. He knows my true nature. I care not whether the group does, but without the aid of his heavenly brothers he will fall easily should the mood suit me. I will send word of this to My Master immediately…

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