Krak al-Shidda

Return Suhail’s skull to his coffin & bury other skulls nearby. Continue towards Krak al-Shidda fighting Chimera and Griffons. Discover

After watching Nalv disappear into the distance without any indication of its return, the orphans decide to rest the evening in the shrine of Zann; a structure once devoted to surely one of it’s most powerful Imams; Suhail min Zann.

They discuss what to do with the remains found in the treasure chest of the horrible yak-men, and elect to bury the skulls of those they assume to be the ‘missing pilgrims’ Nalv spoke of on the shrine grounds, that the final chapter of those devoted to or seeking the guidance of Zann might finally be written.

Setting out through the mountain path again, the siblings expect to arrive before the end of the day; having travelled much of the distance already. The try mountain range made for easier travel, but the heat began to wear on the orphans; only Faruq and his heritage seemed unaff

S: Perhaps you can guide us on how to best survive in this environment, Zephyr?

Zephyr takes a small lead

G: Due respect brothers, I have walked these lands many times; I do not need a guide! and he strides off.

The orphans make their way onward, and as the sun seemed highest in the sky, they are alerted by a creature diving at them from high in the sky; the sun at its back. Even with the blinding sun, three heads are visible, one reptilian, it’s maw agape. Coming into view now, the beast’s other heads are that of a lion and a goat, and Faruq‘s eyes widen as recognition hits him… a Chimera!

Blasting Guzman with its fiery breath, the orphans focus their attacks and fell the beast; half-amazed and half-relieved. Fending off two hungry vultures, Sulayman taking the brunt of their attacks, the orphans retreat to some cover and safety.


While resting, Faruq dares going back to the fallen chimera and collects some of the thick blood pouring from the chimera’s decapitated head. Seemingly unphased by the gory task, Chaka stares in amazement at her brother.

Returning to their rested siblings, the orphans set out again, and as Krak al-Shidda finally looms in the distance, Zephyr spots four large griffons blocking their path. Sniffing in the air and decided they did not like what they smelled, the griffons screech loudly in the air, a sign that they were not going to leave.

After travelling another short hour, the siblings finally arrived at the ruins of Krak al-Shidda. Gazing at what was once surely beautiful, the orphans are reminded of the story of how the General had the city razed to the ground so it wouldn’t be something worth fighting over any more, but it’s also true that time itself had done quite a number on them even more. Walking amongst them, most walls brought down such that none were more than waist-high, shattered stone and dust. Every here and there, evidence of a road or a path can be seen, but the major fortress still loomed large ahead of them; the rumoured resting place of what riches were to be found here.

As they approach, the siblings see someone standing a hundred yards away and decide to approach slowly, to determine if they’re hostile or not.

Creeping closer, they are able to make out the details of this sole individual, now seen to be kneeling. What looks like a young woman, dressed in different shades of white cloth, with gold filigree. Wielding a spear, she seems to be counting something in front of her. Startling her before they can get very close, she picks up her spear and looks at the siblings with concern in her eyes.

G: Su, I think you should take this one.

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