Legion: Wish List

Legion Wish List
Necklace – Pendant ??
Cloak – Mantle – Cape Mantle of the Necromancer (A)
Armor – Robe – Shirt – Tunic Wizard Robe (C)
Bracers ??
Glove – Gauntlet – Mitt Gloves of Mind Rot (A)
Belt – Swordbelt – Kilt – Girdle ??
Ring 1 Ring of Defense (A)
Ring 2 ??
Boots – Sandals – Slippers – Shoes ??
Weapon, Melee —
Weapon, Ranged —
* Arrow – Crossbow – Bolt – Slingstone —
Book – Scroll – Manual – Grimoire Manual of the Numinous Realms (C – Book of Loot pg6)
Shield —
Chalice – Goblet – Grail —
Orb —
Staff Staff of Suffer Ye Fools (C)
Scepter – Rod – Cane —
Symbol – Holy Relic – Sickle – Branch —
Wand —
* wondrous item 1 asdfasdfasdf
* wondrous item 2 asdfasdfasdf
* wondrous item 3 asdfasdfasdf


Manual of the Numinous Realms (recharge 11+): Bound in
orichalchum, written in silver ink on the finest vellum, and
illustrated with strange diagrams that move on their own,
the manual describes the interplay of elemental forces and
spiritual currents that underlie the illusion we call reality. By
manipulating these fundamental levers of reality, you may
accomplish great feats of magic. When you miss all targets
with a daily spell, you give up that spell’s miss effect (if any) and
cast another daily spell as a free action. Quirk: Fears unlikely
consequences and improbable coincidences. If only you fools
could see how all things are interconnected, you too would fear
the calling of the birds in the trees when the wind is from the
west and there’s a woman in a red shawl nearby!

Author: Turnerbuds