llanistaph curutheg, Court Wizard of Geoff

14th level half-elf Mage:
Str 7, Int 18, Wis 13, Con 9, Dex 12, Cha 15.
AC 3 (Bracers of defence AC 5)
HPS: 27 AL NG. Born 502 CY.

The rare product of a human and gray elven union, Llanistaph Curutheg was accepted by his father’s people and trained in the wizardly arts in the Emerald City of Mirline. After his apprenticeship was done, he travelled Geoff and the surrounding lands for a few years before settling in Gorna. The half-elf’s generosity to the common people soon became the stuff of legends and tales, and he was often found casting spells for free if people lacked the means to pay. When Niall IV ascended the throne he invited the well-liked mage to become Geoff’s Court Wizard, a position Llanistaph has held ever since. He has an excellent relationship with Owen, and they each have deep respect for the other’s magical ability.


Traits: Llanistaph is a genuinely kind individual, but his generosity was also a way to bring him to the attention of the nobility and secure his present position. In truth, he is something of an agent of the elves within Geoff, reporting what he finds back to the Elven Court and subtly influencing both royal policy and national development in the elves’ favour.


With his amber eyes and white hair, Llanistaph resembles nothing so much as a friendly old owl, always searching for knowledge or dispensing wise counsel to someone. Those who know him well ascribe his aura of mystery to natural wizardly prerogative; those who do not know him well fail to see beyond his well-known generosity, quick mind, and vast magical knowledge.


He will not speak of Mirline, and many people believe that he left due to problems there or a lack of acceptance. Certainly, observed interactions with elven emissaries are notably cool and formal. Of course, the wizard does nothing to discourage such speculation, being well-aware how helpful it is to him.


Magic: Llanistaph is an extremely capable mage, more so even than his levels might suggest. Trained by the fabled Sindarin wizards of Mirline, his theoretical understanding of magic equals or even surpasses that of many human arch-mages. His elven-made Staff of Power has 13 charges left, and the jeweled copper headband he wears is a Helm of Telepathy which aids him greatly in his intelligence work. If he succeeds in installing the “right” successor to his office, he will pass them on to her. For protection, he relies on his skill as well as his bracers, Brooch of Shielding (59 hps.), and the lavender & green ellipsoid Ioun Stone which orbits his head at all times. This stone absorbs hostile spells of up to 8th level, and presently has 45 levels left to go.


For dire emergencies he also has a magical link to an extremely rare item: a Rogue Stone sequestered in Mirline. Essentially, the magics he has cast upon the gem allow him to be transported to it at any time by an instantaneous act of will. This will occur even if he is physically or magically held, imprisoned, petrified, or on a different plane. Only measures like a feeblemind spell, extreme delirium, or unconsciousness will prevent its functioning.


Aftermath: The Court Wizard is an integral part of the court-in-exile, and a very valued advisor. He has reverted to his habit of casting spells for free among the exile communities, and is a very active figure in putting together and hiring adventuring companies for missions of importance. Many of these groups have elves or half- elves in them; even in these times, Llanistaph does not forget his long-term mission.


Llanistaph is extremely concerned about the evidence he recovered from the Battle of Realstream, in which he disintegrated an enemy figure and recovered several elven-made items. These Collori (S. ‘cloaked ones’) were known to be skilled warriors and spell-casters, but nothing more was known of their origins and they were rarely seen. He believes his target to have been a valley elf, and the reaction this got from his superiors in Mirline has placed the valley elves and their liege high on Llanistaph’s “to do” list of enemies.


The Sindarin are well-pleased with the mage, and have begun training a half- elven successor. After Geoff is liberated, they plan to introduce her as an apprentice for a few of years until she is ready to take over. Then they will grant Llanistaph’s fondest wish: to be allowed to retire to the fabled city of Mirline, there to live out the rest of his life in comfort and honour.


Author: Turnerbuds