Making Plans

  • The heroes descend deeper below the vaults, travelling back in time almost as much as deeper into the earth
  • Wary that they may be moving further from their goal of finding the three items to help purify the abbey, the heroes reluctantly turn back
  • Giving thought to where else the final item may be, the heroes decide to explore the only area not certain to have an immediate confrontation…
  • Stumbling back into the revified version of the dryad encountered before, the heroes down her and two owlbears
  • Returning to the feygrove, the heroes learn from Berrian that he possesses the Jester Card, and offers it to the heroes
    1. do last 2 spots of abbey
    2. return to winterhaven to advise Padraig
    3. return to feygrove to gain access to the front gate
    4. signal Berrian to begin the attack
    5. charge!
Author: Turnerbuds

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