Meditational Reflections

It seems i have had a memory lapse. i cannot for the life of me, remember when and where i have met these kind hearted souls. all that i can deduct is that it just happened recently. oddly enough, they have welcomed me into their company. master was right when he told me i would eventually find like hearted souls to journey with. i did not realize it would be so soon. from what i have observed, they must be old friends for they trust each other greatly in the face of adversity.

My new dwarf friend is adorable. and powerful too! his healing is nothing like i’ve seen before. it must be drawn from his great faith in his lord. i would like to give him a good wash and braid his beard; he would be soooo fluffy! I have never seen a dragon born before and wow. just wow… such an advanced being that i don’t know what he’s talking about half the time. i wish he would let me sit on his shoulders. the view must be amazing from up there! i think the pretty man is what master referred to as a man who prefers the company of men. it would explain his reluctance to engage Melissandre in courtship, as well as his speech. if i had to guess, he would be the receiver of sperm. oh how things are different out here! in master’s opinion, these type of men are extremely gifted in expression. and i would have to say, he’s gifted. I can feel his inspiration penetrate my serenity. up until now, master is the only one to have done this. i don’t think i would be with this group if Melissandre were not with them. i sense a warmth in her which invites me and makes me feel comfortable in staying with them. master told me to follow my heart, and my heart is drawn to her. not like how the bard is attracted to men but like a friend helping another friend. i can see the suffering in her, and maybe someday we can sit in peace together. she’s so pretty. i don’t know if she knows how beautiful she is. i don’t know why, but i feel she is watching over me.

There has been no exaggeration on master’s part in regards to the suffering i would witness on this journey. i am glad to see i continue to be poised and unrattled during these events but i have noticed a change in me. a change which strives for a deeper serenity among the chaos and pain. At the moment I will stay with this group and exercise patience to see where this path leads me.

Author: Jonas

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