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Minoru was always interested in the esoteric, the supernatural. At one point, she thought to enrol in one of The Archmage’s schools to become a wizard, but it was expensive, and her family didn’t have the funds. The kindly librarian, Stan, always had a soft spot for her, so let her spend all her time in the library. There, she learned a great deal, enough to see a pattern of fault in the Archmage’s System of Wards. Once she understood that, she saw all sorts of evidence everywhere she looked: Things were falling apart. She couldn’t understand why the Archmage was letting things slide…was he aware? Did he not care? Worse, was he incapable of doing anything? Worse yet, was this part of his plan…?

Determined to learn more, she consulted the darker parts of the library, unbeknownst to her librarian friend. There she discovered De Vermis Mysteriis, a book of lore men were not meant to know…but then how had she found it? Did no one know this book was here…?

Against her better judgement, she read it through the night…she’s not really sure what happened next. She was awoken by Stan the next morning, having passed out in the library. Bizarrely, the book was now gone, and when she asked about it, Stan had no idea what she was talking about. Furthermore, when she looked at Stan, she saw all sorts of different versions of him, some young, some older still, some dead, some…very different. It was the same when she wandered outside. Sometimes her village was as she remembered it, sometimes she saw it in flames, or in ruins, or just beginning. The worst was with people, trying to sort out who was real amongst the overlapping images.

Minoru continued to get worse and worse until finally, her parents sent her to the Priestess’ people. For a year, they tended to the young woman, helping her manage her condition. She began to get better, but still couldn’t be around too many people at a time. As she progressed, she asked if she could begin to peruse more books; the order let her. Upon consulting the library in the sanitorium she was in, she found The Book of Eidon. She perused its pages, and as a result, her condition started to make more sense to her. Another year or so of practice with the book, and she could now access and control the different realities and timelines that haunted her…to an extent. The Book of Eidon spoke of one who demonstrated similar gifts, referred to as ‘The Occultist.’

Minoru now believes that she is The Occultist, and furthermore that her abilities have manifested particularly now in response to intrusions upon this reality from other dimensions. When she heard that one of the priests at the sanitorium, Ranier, was journeying northward, she had a sudden vision that that was where her mission was to begin, and so she asked to join him on his travels.


Minoru is THE Occultist.


What does your character look like? List the obvious and the perhaps not-so-obvious here.


Describe the character’s outlook, temperament, tendencies during interactions, etc.


Describe your character’s less-than-obvious features (something you might only notice after a time), habits they have, etc.


Is your character proficient in a skill outside of adventuring? Were they once? Might they be if they survive their adventuring career?


What are/were they doing last? Where? With whom?


Where do they live?


Minoru knows Rainier Wolfcastle because she started being able to glimpse different realities – started out as a mental disease. She was put into the care of the Priestess’ organization and Rainier operated as Minoru‘s therapist. When it was clearer that she could actually do things with magic, Rainier realized no, the Archmage’s wards really ARE failing, and this poor girl seems to be suffering from this fact. She wants to travel with him because she wants her counsellor/therapist with her, and he is trying to get people to realize The Archmage’s wards are failing.


How many BBEGs have you racked up?


What does this character hope to accomplish in the short term? Long term?


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