Mission #4: The Volcano

Mission Objectives:
Infiltrate and secure volcano base from clones.
Locate missing fellow operatives.

Locale: Active Volcano

Our agents have located an enemy stronghold deep in the Moisty Mountains in an active volcano. The area is heavily patrolled by scout constructs and clones. We have located a cave (1 hour away by foot) which can be used as a secure area to regroup. We will teleport you in via teleportation circle to the front gates. If need be, the MARS chain will direct you to the cave if you need a secure area to regroup. Also, a Rod of Security will be provided as a cautionary messure. As soon as the teleportation circle has replenished its power the following dawn, we shall send support to assist. The information came at a cost; 2 of the 3 agents were captured. You will leave at dusk.

Enchanted items provided:
– Rod of Security
– MARS chains (with cave location)

– Infiltrate and secure the area
– Retrieve our agents

Further Intel
The entrance to the volcano stronghold consists of two great slabs of black obsidian set into the base of the hillside. Each portal is thirty feet tall, nine feet wide, and smooth as glass.

These black stone doors bar entrance into the stronghold. The obsidian doors are 5 feet thick and have no handles; iron hinges mounted to the inside walls hold them in place. If a Shadey Clan member touches either portal, both doors swing inward quietly and remain open for 1 minute before closing on their own. The doors appear magically locked to all others and impervious to physical harm.



Equipment Recovered:
supreme healing x5 – everyone
goggles of night – fiona
drift globe – braeden
dwarven thrower – vondal
boots of speed – vondal
Bag of holding – braeden

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