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Sunday, January 3oth, 2000

Alas, even D&D must succumb to the North-American obsession of watching the SuperBowl. Congratulations Rams fans!!! And to Titans fans, thanks for a great game and well done on fighting the good fight.



Sunday, January 23rd, 2000

The heroes stood slack-jawed, eyeing the Necromancers carefully. Their discussions were strained at best.

Pizentios suggested that the heroes attack Delglath and keep him occupied so that all six (6) of the Necromancers could assault Nyeru and re-acquire all of Pizentios‘ laboratory equipment and notes.

The heroes argue about the ‘element of danger’ in confronting the Animus Priest instead of Nyeru, and the Necromancers (Pizentios, Yola and Mandraka) make fun of the Scourge for not being competent/strong enough to handle one (1) animus-priest.

Suspicions fly back and forth, and finally J’afrock suggests that as a show of ‘trust’, the Necromancers allow one of them to accompany us to defeat Delglath.

They agree and give us Mandraka <the one we wanted the least>

The Necromancers leave and the heroes + Mandraka talk about strategies, with Rinloru looming in the distance.

Discussion turns into argument, and Tempus: Chosen of Agravelenon cries out in frustration, calling the power of his god to summon a Fire Elemental, who he commands to begin its assault on the city.

Seeing this, Kaelis and Gil-Galad wisely take to the skies, in the hopes of gaining an eagle-eye veiw.

As the Fire Elemntal strides forward, three (3) shadowy riders materialize out of nothingness, their glowing green swords and weapons drawn. Saying nothing and doing nothing, the heroes call out to them with no response.

Tempus tell his Fire Elemental to attack the riders, and Tanamier engulfs them in a Wall of Fire. Kaelis and Gil-Galad see the portcullis of the city gates open and an entire army of zombies and skeletons stride forward in military formation.








Sunday, January 16th, 2000

from the Adri Forest, Tempus sent a Sending to Pizentios of the Necromancers of Skahlehn about their planned attack on Rinloru and Nyeru Darkspring.

This was because they knew of the Necromancers’ distaste for their traitorous former colleague.

Pizentios agreed to meet, hours later at the Wizard’s Hat Inn in Greyhawk City to discuss an arrangement.

The heroes reluctantly agreed, despite the expressed distaste for a necromancer’s companionship voiced by Kaelis.

The heroes Teleported to their safehouse location in Shacktown, north of Greyhawk City and discussed what to do. Arriving hours too early, they decided to address personal interests until the time came to meet the Necromancers of Skahlen.

Kaelis went looking for prime real estate and found some… at a reasonable enough price to pay for the deed.

Tempus & Tanamier prayed, Gil-Galad studied, and J’afrock practiced with his twin axes…

The time came, they went, unloaded their weapons <portable hole> talked with Pizentios

The rest of the Necromancers stayed just oustide, watching us.

Decision was made to attack Rinloru, Pizentios left

Heroes follow, confrontation outside with Necromancers, Yola taunts us, they leave and tell us they will send us a Sending when they’re ready <no timeline>

We Teleport back to safehouse, and fight there. <us, not our characters>

Waited all night and into morning, with no word from Pizentios or the Necromancers.

J’afrock suggests and Kaelis offers to go and procure some magic items that will help in the fight against Nyeru, Delglath and their undead hordes.

Kaelis summons Anwar, his Djinni, and tells him to render himself Invisible and watch for anyone following him on his way to see Kondrandis Bubka, Magic Trader in Greyhawk City. Casting Alter Self, Kaelis dons his Cloak of Elvenkind and slips from the safehouse to see Kondrandis.

They meet, talk, find out that Greyanna was there the night before and bought them out. Suggests trade of non-necromantic stuff for other stuff and Kondrandis becomes interested.

Kaelis says he will return later that afternoon, and returns to the companions in the safehouse.

While telling them what happened, they receive Pizentios‘ Sending and join him there by getting in Tanamier‘s and Kaelis‘ Portable Holes. <not classy>

The Necromancers are on horseback and on the plains with Rinloru in the distance…

Arguing ensues.


Author: Turnerbuds