Muli Comes Clean

Orphans interrogate Muli who says there is a member of royal family friendly to Yodfah who manages the Brotherhood of the True Flame’s resources. Sometimes they send junior members (Hanzala) to supervise. Muli suggests The Gilded Palm might have killed Ayyam. Hand Muli over to Yunnus.

– capture & held Muli
– One amongst the royal family who is well disposed to Yodfah
– manages the Resources of the Brotherhood of the True Flame
– Leads trips across the Haunted Lands
– Sometimes send junior members to help supervise (Hanzallah)
– Implied that The Guilded Palm may have been contracted to kill Ayyam

After the turning over of Muli to Yunnus, you have some downtime to spend while waiting to hear from someone of another way to make money in a hurry.

Chaka looks into what/where their sister Akeylah is. She also sees if Aunty needs any help with anything.

Su also pours over the ledger and diaries to find any clue that might have been overlooked that could point to where Yodfah may have fled.

Guzman decides to explore some the less friendly parts of Huzuz. The red lights and wobbling drunks are fascinating to him.

Faruq steals away to the docks and tries to commune with his patron; he has many questions.

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