MUSIC: Our Travels Thus Far

So here we go again, with my friends, it begins.
We’re off to rescue Delphina, and old man ilian.
To the seven pillar hall, a place we’ve never been.
As expected, on the way, we encounter suffering and sin.

Innocent blood spilled, so we go and avenge.
Innocent blood spilled, so we go and avenge.
My warm heart turns cold, to complete this mission.
For the murdered family, I bring death, the orc’s life I do end.

Justice for those who are unable to defend.
We freed from the slavers, our new halfling friend.
As repayment, he say, come to the halfmoon inn.
So we did, got some brews, and a new safe haven.

To add to our blessings, we found Solomon.
He informs our crew, he’s on a path of vengeance.
He says he wants help, to bring the witch to an end.
He say there’s a job, and asks for a hand to lend him.

We say, all isn’t right, we need time to think, to clear our suspicions.
He agrees, and informs us, in three days, we’ll see then.
Therefore, back to the plan, we must go do our thing.
That is, save our two friends, from their enslavement.

We gathered up equipment, and info we need within the inn.
We even made some friends, just ask smiley wink wink.
His new friend must’ve had visions fellating, while masturbating, to bring his elation, later that evening.
But enough about that, smiley’s my boy. boy, you know I’m just kidding.

Off with our guide, to the chamber of eyes, who’s been worth every cent.
I must say, he saved our lives, on many occasions.
I gotta say it again, the man’s worth every cent.
Without him, this journey would have been our end.

We’re here now, without unfortunate events.
I thank you oh Rao, I feel your presence.
Through actions, and blessings, that can only be sent,
From you, I know you watch from above, and all good are godsends, to help us achieve, in freeing our friends.

Looooooooord have mercy!

Author: Jonas

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