My Deepest Sympathies

I close my eyes…

I can feel the heaviness of their grief. Its overwhelming. “Slow your breathing… ” he thought to himself. “…Steady its pace… Inhale… Exhale… Wait a moment… ”

“My deepest sympathies to you all” said Printz. His wide eyed gaze looking back deeply into the eyes of any of his new comrades who felt they could at this moment; yet his affect remained emotionless.

Printz pulled his lute from his side, and began to play. The melancholy notes emanated from the instrument, washing over those near by, grabbing their attention. Others hushed those who werent aware that they may miss something that they may regret not listening to.

Printz locked eyes with Faruq and he began to sing. His falsetto voice which blended with his instrument, was followed by a gentle echo, and at times as if another voice was singing along harmoniously. Even another instrument not visible would enmesh its self into the tapestry of sound.

The wild jann within the area stood motionless listening intently to the sounds which emanated from him. Printz stood still as he appeared enthralled in the moment of sorrow; his fingers dextrously playing his loot moving from note to note flawlessly. His lyrics painting a picture of loss and his voice imbued with emotion.

When he was done, those that had stopped to listen continued on with what they were doing prior to his dedication, and printz bowed his head respectfully to his new mortal friends.

Author: Jonas

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