New Faces and Magic Pixie Mud

Fancy a drink at the crooks nook? What about a failed street circus? Whether they are performing for money, helping Tamily Tandervil’s fishery on boats or having the honour of spending nights under the stars with beautiful Wrin Sivinxi, our adventurers find themselves lacking no excitement in the following week after defeating the young green dragon and driving out most of the kobolds from the caves.

While Taliyah was  getting her feathers wet displaying revolutionary methods of fishing on Tamily’s boat, she met a studious young man named Cillian Serper who was repairing equipment for the fishing crew. They formed a bond on that boat with not much else to occupy their time than the salting of fish.

Taliyah Enjoyed Cillian‘s Company enough to grab a drink with him at the crows casks, where Taliyah has encountered another kindred spirit in the tengu barkeep named Magiloy who may or may not have over-served them. Throughout this first evening out with with his new friends, Cillian noticed the silhouette of the beautiful elf-tiefling: Wrin Sivinxi. Wrin spends most of her nights under the stars, occasionally spending them with Cillian, although, not as much as he would like. Making her acquaintance with the group, Wrin points out worrying signs she has seen with her magical vision from a little ways up north from the ruins of Gauntlight Keep. Hearing of the adventurers exploit in defending Otari, she asks the adventurers to see what is stirring within that old dark place. Sensing the danger as well, our adventurers heed the call and head towards the Fogfen, this time with a brand new member in tow. During the journey, our adventurers began to see the glow of Gauntlight with an eerie feeling growing the deeper they delve into the Fogfen. Approaching the entrance, they see that Gauntlight keep is indeed in ruins.

The entrance at the end of the path welcomes them with swathes of cobwebs blocking their vision. Haphazard and crude structures set up around the periphery. Suddenly you hear voices that you cannot see from above. “Eat the Magic Pixie Mud! It will give great power.” Mitflits are abound. Some taunting you, some running away to other parts of the keep. And even after scaring them off, you know many more threats lurk even in just these ruins above.

Author: Max