Not So Swift and Deadly

  • the heroes realize that they must have caused a lot of noise
  • certain now that they weakened the temple
  • the orc guards with us are very nervous, one growling something about “taking so long” but keep the comments to themselves
  • surrounding the heroes in their ranks and offering helmets and draping us with tattered cloaks to hide us
  • make our way through deep keep
  • deep keep is on some sort of alert
  • Nidalru asks one of the more senior orcs what the commotion was – orc confirmed that those that relied on it for power are aware – and alert – that we should finish this job quickly
  • There’s a great deal of commotion, and the destination has two orc guards – the lead says, “Follow my lead”
  • Haven’t you heard the orders – there are intruders within
  • All the more reason to stay and do our duty
  • No – Fangrot knows you’ve been close to blind uthe – he knows you have better senses to find the intruders – we need you
  • Clearly this orc is a bit smarter than most
  • We have some that will stay behind – you’re the tracker now – Fangrot has promised a bigger share

Open the door – have you come for a reading?

Come forward young orc lket me provide a blessing

heroes enter reluctantly

Nidalru: Maybe we cna provide you with your future

You!  The Beauty and Shadow!

They’re Here! (screaming)


  • epic tier healing potion

To find their way back

Merian ⊕ uses a Negative 5 with The Prince of Shadows ⊕ to direct his friends from a higher vantage point

  • Nidalru tries scouting
  • Legion disguises himself as an orc with Disguise Self
  • Idris – charisma to assume the role of a commander to bully them into searching the area etc



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