Notes 1

The following are in reverse chronological order:

Houses of the Great Kingdom

  • Darmen – merchants, economically powerful
  • Naelax – insanity, groundbreaking evil
  • Garesteth – wizards and sages
  • Cranden – good, neutral and evil
  • Torquann – militarily powerful

Currently Outcast of Nyrond:

At the huge council (after isle of lost souls explosion)

  1. Graf Reydrech (sp?) spoke against us -distrusting
  2. Prince Xavener supported us (glad he didn’t have to play another role, maybe thought he could influence us easily?)
  3. Mordenkainen stayed neutral
  4. The Isle of Lost Souls yielded these results:
  5. it was the last retreat of the Ur-Flannae
  6. Acererak imprisoned in tomb (what does this mean?)
  7. Baal went west to Geoff/Sterich
  8. ba’atanna’ari codex <— something to do with this?
  9. Vecna came back in time to change things?
  10. Vecna achieved demigod status THEN tapped into the essence of Tharizdun
  11. Vecna had a huge library on Chronomancy and Tharizdun (we have many of these books)


  • Has the Scarlet Brotherhood formed a deal with demons to fulfill the prophecy? NO
  • Has S’Thiss become more prone to magic from the hells? YES
  • Is Graf Reydrech holding J’afrock in his castle? YES
  • Do the sites form a geometric pattern? NO
  • Is the alignment of the starts connected with activation of the sites? YES
  • Is Kaelis‘ father purposely hiding from Kaelis? NO
  • Will the SB have to coerce fiends? YES
  • Does the Demons serving Tanamier have a vile agenda? YES
  • Is Khaal Wraath redeemable? YES
  • Does Khaal Wraath genuinely wish to be redeemed? YES
  • Does the SB know about us disrupting the sites? YES
  • Is it futile to deactivate the sites? NO
  • Are Gwydiesin and Cyndr in danger from Darnakurian? YES
  • Is Sewardnt going to march on Rauxes within 1 year? UNKNOWN
  • Is a site of Tharizdun in Blacksplinter? NO
  • Are all the sites of Tharizdun in the Great Kingdom? YES
  • Does the guy in Black robes in the Bonewood seek to cause us harm? YES
  • Will Tamarina ever become a preistess of Agravelenon? NO
  • Does Xaene wish to Onyxgate to remain operational for selfish purposes? YES
  • Do Karoolck and Sewardnt have a non-agressive understanding? NO
  • Is Prince Sewardnt allied with teh SB? NO
  • Does Duke Szeffrin have an alliance with the SB? NO
  • Is our coming across many Decks of Many Things part of a greater plan? YES
  • Is this plan the design of one or more of the gods? YES
  • Is there a power struggle btwn priests and wizards in teh Necromancres of Skahlen? NO
  • Is there more than one traitor in the congregation of Parthen? YES

Unanswered/resolved stuff:

  1. What’s the deal with Maranek and Maskaleyne being after the Onyx Skull of Iuz, and who was the chick they gave it to?
  2. Was the Dragon Cult (Zarathos Leader) just a “bump in the road” or bigger part of puzzle?
  3. Prince Ferranen is of the House of Cranden. He have enemies we can employ to get his info? (about demons & devils). The first ruling house of Cranden were predominantly wizards. They were overthrown I think and settled in the west; may be useful allies against Ferrenan. Is this true?
  4. Rexefer (who is this guy) has done a lot of research about the planar nature of the universe. Can he answer any questions about “The Far Realm” and impending arrival of
    Tharizdun? Apparently he’s in the employ of a Prince of the House of Cranden. Be careful who you talk to about this stuff… We overheard a guard in the Calling Mines say, “Reydrech has us mining this place to pay for protection from teh Brotherhood.” Useful? Reydrech is referred to as “The Immortal”. He a demon/devil or something?
  5. Reydrech’s chief inquisitioner (Karnquiza -was like Alec Baldwin) is now dead at the hands of the Scourge. Apparently he was “Hidden Sickle” of some secret organization, Midnight Darkness. We have the COMPLETE LIST of the members of Midnight Darkness, let’s go kick their asses. Will they be pissed Karnquiza is dead? They dont’ even know who each other is; shouldn’t be difficult.
  6. Undead bard in the Calling Mines was named Ananayis.
  7. The Far Realm
  8. Wizards relic stone keep tree 1 mile in diameter
  9. powerful wizards: Dareth Winterwood (Zazox -another wizard or something? What does zazox mean?)
  10. they came to the Material Plane?
  11. opens portal to random planes and is trying to
  12. Dareth spent much of his long life studying the Far Realm
  13. Rexefer is notoriously difficult to find unless he wants to be. Xaene (two headed lich in Rauxes sewers) may know how to contact him.
  14. Does Rillikandren not like Gwydiesin for some reason? Or did Rillikandren find out that Cyndr can’t destroy Hunger by wielding it against a Demon Lord like everyone  thought…

Other Notes:

  • Archbold suffered some great disappointment when Nyrond did not have any decisive victories in the Greyhawk Wars
  • Archbold wants desperately to protect Nyrond; especially from Almor and does not want to be king if Nyrond falls
  • The crown prince (Lynwerd) disagrees with his father’s military agenda and wants to focus on the morale of the Nyrondese folk. No doubt if Nyrond were more powerful, Archbold would feel safe and the people would be content, pleasing Lynwerd.
  • Prince Sewardnt disagrees with both father & brother, and wants to revify the sagacious society as Nyrond’s primary defense/offense. Those who disagree with Archbold and Lynwerd find comfort in Sewardnt’s position. Maybe as Sewardnt gains jealousy, he might appeal to Archbold’s opposition in an attempt to claim the throne himself.
  • Royal General Basmajeen is very difficult to persuade, and steadfastly supports Archbold. See if the relationship is such that if Archbold comes up with a new idea that Basmajeen will follow.
  • High Priest Arafeld is the same as Archbold. Politically powerful, appealing to Heironeous’ ethos will work well. He could be a great friend to Tanamier and us because he  pushed hard for th Temple to Parthen.
  • Duke Arnon Oberend pities Archbold and is skeptical of Nyrond’s future, thinking it is doomed. He embodies valour, tolerance and mercy. He has Ghiselinn’s loyalty.
  • Duke Bastrayne of Woodwich
    does not support Lynwerd, and pays Archbold his tithe with Fool’s Gold
    (this can be used to pit Archbold against Bastrayne). He plans to
    over-thorow the King or betray him and retreat to Greyhawk City. He
    must be in league with someone, but who? (sewardnt?)
  • Carindrell is a danger to Tempus and Tanamier. His resolution that Pholtus was not banished means that he might see our priests as “charlatans”. he wants to Assimilate  Nyrond into the pale and the populations’ discontent works to further this cause. He is therefore an enemy of Lynwerd who wants the people’s happiness. (Do the White Cloaks hail from the Pale and is he one of them?)
  • Ghiselinn is a chatty and sociable but clearly powerful mage. Once royal archmage to Archbold for 5 years, he has much experience fighting Szeffrin’s fiends. We should ask
    him for advice. He left because of Archbold’s weakness, but must find out if Hendrenn Holdgood’s ruler opposes Archbold.
  • Grishken, Child of LIght in Midmeadow (pale). Hates fiends, but is a white cloak zealot, and is dangerous to the party. Coudl be used against ghiselinn, but ghiselinn is more ally than foe to heroes. he could be used against the entire white cloak contingent. Could be persuaded because Ghisellinn still supports Nyrond (we hope). The children of light support the theocracy, the theocracy wants to assimilate nyrond, and ghiselinn could directly oppose Grishken
  • The Grey Seer has filled in for Ghiselinn, but is mysterious and powreful. An incredible diviner, he has advised kings of nyrond for 60 years. Why hasn’t he helped Archbold in directing his struggle against Almor?…
  • Field General Myariken hates the pale, and it is rumoured that he secretly forms raids to steal food from the Phostwood for the northern lands of Nyrond. He wnats the borders to the Pale closed, and awnts to see Lynwerd as King. he is not liked by Archbold and could easily lose his command.
  • Grand Templar Ivanic Temziena> is the ambassador from the plae. He advises Archbold to institude serfdom and to be cruel to wrongdoers. (He is one of the Chief White cloaks)
  • Count Blackmar Huldane is a former companion of Archbold. They once fought side by side, but now he might want to overthrow archbold. he think he’s rightous, but hie is
    really cruel and mean
  • His son, Cunal Huldane is a reenegade and has formed a band of brigands who steal from the nyrondese rich and give to the nyrondese poor
  • Field Genreal Hanshal knows the borners cannot be held to the east, but that’s where he’s stationed. he think Basmajeen is a fool, but he’s lawful good and must obey him. Tough spot.
  • There’s an elven war wizard named Gelleflair Entrell who opposes Archbold. having received his land from nyrond’s first king, he knows that archbold is destoryign the land. it is rumoured that gelledlfair has links to the archmage Drawmij.
  • Zylinchin, knight valorous lived in nyrond initiall, now a Pholtus convert. Primarily responsible for the trakcing down and killing of fiends in nyrond and theocracy. a serious threat to the party; the valorous league of blindness is the nyrondese contingent of the white cloaks.
  • the travelling merchant who came to rauxes witha gift for Jipzinker puzzles us. it was a map and it glowed near the Darmen Lands. who is jipzinker and what are his
    aspirations? (It was an Ancient Suel Relic!)
  • Ivid himself rules only a couople hundred sq. miles around rauxes Leuk-o, Tuerny the Merciless and Andoraan all were oeridian commanders responsible for conquering vast swaths of land surrounding rauxes. isn’t tuerny now a devil?
  • Ancient Oeridian relics include the War Machine, Orbs of Dragonkind, Crystal of the Ebon Flame and Johydee’s Mask.
  • Gwydiesin of the Cranes is still alive and one of Johydee’s Children… are there any others? Maybe “The Walker”? What about Philidor?
  • Prince Xavener of House of Darmen backs all houses with mercenaries, hoping to back the winner, ready to call in those favours and march on Rauxes.
  • There is a huge power struggle going on for the 3 main necromanctic artifacts. The Hand of Vecna, the Wand of Orcus and Hunger. Why are these so sought after? Why now? Perhaps they need to be used in conjuction with another for a greater effect?

The Recurring Dream

After we rescue Tiemel from the Abyss, Griften should have some traumatizing dream that leaves real physical effects when he wakes up.

Something like:

Xenoria and Darin running from some monster and Griften saves them; all three engage in embrace and they disintegrate to pieces in Griften‘s hands.  Griften‘s best friends: Tanamier, Tempus, Senji, J’afrock all turn on Griften and beat him senseless for no apparent reason, cackling maniacally.  the world around griften slowly loses all its colour and gets crazier and crazier; people doing wierd things, death, destruction, chaos, murder, etc.

Griften is left standing on a spire, hundreds of feet above boiling lava, with horrible abominations circling the skies around him, lost, without hope, Griften breaks down to his knees, weeping. All is lost, hopelessness is overwhelming. then in the distance, he hears that familiar voice that he first heard in the Underdark after the destruction of the Lost Temple to Tharizdun, on the Isle of Shadows.

images flash before his eyes that include the horrors they’ve encountered
so far and the last image he sees before he’s violently woken up in Korenth
Zan, the Father of Obedience.
Griften knows at that point that he has to confront the Father of Obediene,
and he shivers at the thought. The last time he was in the presence of the
Father of OBedience, he was a vacant husk of a person, suffering the after
effects of the Deck of Many Things, held in a tall tower in the Temple of
the Yellow Rose. Tanamier came to save him, and fought Korenth face to
face. Many monks died in the confrontation, and Griften carries the guilt
with him still.

Griften: Extra Details

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed feelings that I address this letter. In my stead you
have found this note by which i an onnly try to excuse my actions. There
are matters which have gone unattended for much too long. I admit that my
attentions have lakced focus of late, but I have been made aware of matters
that require my most immediate intervention. To Talthos and Krisi, I offer
my gretest of apologies. No doubt in this time of need, my aid would be of
greatest worth against those from the mountains above, and the forest
within. I know as I leave that I leave you in the your time of need, and so
you know of the importance of my mission. My sister Xenoria brought me news
as you slept. We travel to Rel Mord to see our parents. This is why I
leave. Know only that what I do now, I do alone. I will return, my greatest
of allies, when I can. My acolytes will contact you soon.

May our gods keep us well.


Dear Inkaneesta,

Greetings on behalf of myself and my Brotherhood. I hope that everything
in Nyrond is progressing well and that the faith spreads wuickly these dark
times. I write to you in haste because I leave now to join Tanamier in the
lands to the west. I am surely in his company as you read this, and I
promised to return him to you and the following safely. Of course you must
know that what Tanamier does, he does not for himself, but fot eht good of
the entire Flanaess. Time for some is more precious than for others, and
you must trust that Tannamier will return as soon as he can. He always
makes sure of that.

May our new gods keep us safe.


Dear Tamarina,

Greetings on behalf of myself and my Brotherhood. I trust everythign is
going as well as possible in Nyrond now, though I do regret that I cannot
visit there myself. Your expectancy is fast approaching and we all await
the coming of your new child. It will be brought into this bright new world
amidst those few who strive to better it and those who will it as well. To
be counted among those rare few would indeed be an honour. I travel now to
join your Tempus and the rest of my companions as they tarvel in lands far
to the west. They face no danger that they have not withstood before. Fear
not, for I join them with renewed vigor and will bring Tempus back safely
to you.

Until I have the pleasure of your company again,


Griften stares out into the darkness from his tower.

The monks busy themselves beneath him, the sounds of the forest drift
upwards. Timele is in Griften‘s study, quiet and melancholy at his
experience in the abyss, and the news of Talen‘s demise. Griften tries to
console the normally happy-go-lucky elf, and uses his ability to Mind Probe
to ease his pain, but the long lifespan made the memories too vast for
Griften to assimilate. Griften leaves Tiemel to stay at the Citadel as long
as he needs to. Gtiften feels guilt and remorse for Tiemel‘s grief, and
can’t stand thinking about his role in the deaths of his friends.

about Xenoria

Griften has lost her altogether in past years, more tha a decade passed
and Griften had no word from her, though she must have been able to divine
his whereabouts.

Since they were re-introduced, Griften has made clear that his intention
is to bring her back for a happy reconciliation with their parents.

Darin’s involvement makes the situation much more delicate

If something happens to Xenoria, she’s less of a laoss than Darin
(innocent and naive).

Griftne’s father’s illness is still a question mark because it seems to
ban irregular thing

After Griften‘s encounter w/wode of the Brotherhood, Griften donned his
black robes to signify his mourning of that family that wode killed to
engage him.

Since then, Griften hasn’t seen or heard from Wode, though he has tried
unsuccessfully to scry him several times.

Griften is torn overwhat to do should he run into Wode again; evil begts
evil, and Griften owes that family a great debt.

Freeing Wode of his lyncanthropic curse might be appropriate, though
wasn’t wode evil before the brotherhood did their experiments on him?

Griften had a grand tomb built for the family, he had spent a week
gathering information about them and their family. Now, their fmaily will
all have the dignity of resting togeher, and the inscription on their
graves reads: “The Family Earnhardt lived peacefully and ended prematurely
by violence undeserved and justice unavailable.”

Griften‘s former ease-of-teleport was due to his part to play in the prophecy. if this has been quashed, then maybe so too has his ability to “teleport at will”. This can help to explain the dramatic difference between 3e & 4e.

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