Notes 2


  • Go to Greyhawk city for consultation; meet Jelenneth and Philidor, who tells Scourge about the
    Lays of Bar Strannach
  • fight Scarlet Brotherhood Ambassador and Wode and _______ (god-like mage/thief)
  • Travel to Millenium to stop demonic messenger; discover Tsojcanth’s Journal.
  • Skirmish with Count Hastern’s men in the Adri, Tiemel meets Gwydiesin and discovers he is the incarnation of Azor’alq.
  • Captain Osmeren, who believes the Scourge, suggests hiding out in the Adri. Larian leaves, Griften and Shrak’t’lor join.
  • Tanamier attempts to retrieve the amulet vs. scrying from Griften‘s soulless form and fights Korenth Zan… Griften restored.
  • Archbold banishes the Scourge.
  • Before leaving, they speak to the Grey Seer who cryptically tells them about the wizard Staplinik.
  • Scry and teleport into Black Dragon lair to free him.
  • He reveals Sewarndt’s treachery and how he sent a demonic messenger to Szeffrin.
  • Scourge journeys to the city of Oldred to discover more but encounters Sewarndt and the Banaalikron¬†priest Quarlanth.
  • Khaal Wraath is captured and sold to Karoolk.
  • Encounter with Grishken who starts to rile things up.
  • Mezzodamons spontaneously appear, starting a three-way brawl.
  • Tempus kills an innocent person and General Myariken orders retreat for Prince’s safety.
  • Briefing of incidents with King Archbold.
  • Princes back Scourge; Sewarndt asks Scourge to accompany Llynwerd to Midmeadow to address White Cloaks
  • Count Blackmar’s son accused of treachery; the traitor is actually the count, but Tempus kills his rebel son.
  • Princes and Scourge attempt to stop Duke Bastrayne from fleeing Nyrond with over-taxed funds.
  • Duke killed by the Princes.
  • Banquet held; many diplomatic tensions
  • Journey to the city of Narsel Mendred and discover priests of Hierophylia and a schoolhouse of children.
  • Fight Nabassu and convert bandits on return.
  • The heroes now count among their ranks: Khaal Wraath, Grier, Riyan, Tempus and Larian
  • Tanamier and Inkaneesta get dreams of trapped followers in Almor
  • Khaal Wraath escapes Rauxes and is taken in by Scourge
Author: Turnerbuds