Notes 3


  • Greyhawk City (for magic items) and meet with Necromancers who talk about assault on Rinloru,
  • what point does palistren swoop in and give griften the spear of sorrow? help plz eric.
  • Meet with Gwydiesin who takes Cyndr under hsi wing.
  • Emergency sending to go to Coldwood from Philidor. Fight with Tryok to prevent him from getting Hunger. Success.
  • Meet with Philidor who directs group to Chathold for items and to rescue Bajastelle and her group. Chathold is a ni.phpare.
  • Infiltrate Rauxes, meet Xaene, meet Rillikandrin, go beneath temple of Banalikron and fight Khaal Wraath. Revive Caelynn from clone.
  • Riyan and Grier leave with Terax to return to Geoff. Melf joins briefly with Jafrock and Sir Greymore.
  • Griften grabs spear, teleports away to caverns under Roland is killed by Tempus, but clones attack and get spear.
  • Co-ordinate an attack with Parren and attack Permanence. fight Kalreth, who opens up huge can of whoop-ass. Beat him, but Pallistren intervenes,
  • ransoming the Spear in exchange for an assault upon Onyxgate.
  • Griften and Tanamier go to Grey Seer to learn of ways to find these cryptic places; Seer tells them of Permanence and Spear of Sorrow.
  • Terrax convinces Scourge to join him in mission to cure his vampirism; success and he joins Scourge.
  • Shrak’t’Lor loses soul to DeckofManyThings. Griften takes his body to Temple.

From a random character sheet:

  • “Picking up slaves in Nyrond”
  • Teleport back to Milennium
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