Notes 7

  • Duven Staal, former adventurer
  • 840g & Armor +1, Bloodcult Hide Armour (Tyrion)
  • Kalarel
  • Thomas Bleeding, Shipment food & drink
  • Scourge of Waterfall
  • Aamraq –> Bootprints otw to keep
  • Kobold Fight: 2x shorts sword, 43g, 28s
  • Keep built under Naelax
    • Over site of the negative shadowfell
    • Keep to watch over
    • Orcus sanctum
    • G.Kingdom slew undead & built rift
    • Abandoned after 20yrs after fall of a kingdom
    • Sir Kiegan Midnight Slaughtered all of them
  • Varis executes goblin guard
  • Other loot: 5x Javelin, 1x Small Shield, 34sp, 2x Fire Pots (2ongoing dmg/rnd)
  • Other loot: 5g 23s, Neckalce on priest with Dragon Figure Obsidian “Skull w/rams horns”, 3x short swords, 2x spear
  • Other loot: Black Iron Scale Mail +1, (+5fire, +5necrotic)

July 18, 2010

  • Move into room w/sarcophagus (warriors of the platinum dragon)
  • Light coming from the raised area
  • Mining fight loot: 65g 13s, Aurid (+1 amulet of health), Mirror in Pouch
  • Kobold Fight: 12g 48s, Large Chest (suit of chainmail (DW chain +1), 420g)
  • Irontooth Fight: Pouch w/key & Scroll

  • Varis shoots one
  • Aamraq rebukes 4 (gone)
  • Shot heroes (aamraq)
  • Elias rushes into woman’s room
  • Secret (Varis) compartment
  • 6x small figurine of bahamuut
  • This is Sir Kiegan

  • Blade: Aecris – +1magic longsword, 3w diamond: daily free: draop an undead to 0hp, gain back 1 Healing Surge
  • Each of us got a Platinum Dragom
  • Slime kill: 33g 157s, potion of healing, Small Shield of Protection (1/e you & adjacent ally resist 5dmg/rnd) –> Elias
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