On to Krak al-Niraan

Fly injured rider back to Hanif rider encampment. Plan with Yazid to distract forces to they can enter Krak al-Niraan. Gain entry and Keriyah makes merc lead us to Ali. Fight Ali‘s forces and escape (Azizullah Teleport scroll) to island north of Huzuz with Ali‘s body, diaries & papers.


R: What is your business in the lands this day?
R: Are you aware of the fortress nearby?
Y: Absoloutely
R: We have business with those in the fortress, perhaps we could f. We do not wnat to put your in harms ay
As long as this fortress exists witin ithe ahunted lands, we will always be in harms way in one way or another


F: Is there another way?
K: I’m sure I can find a way in
R: You mean without a distraction?
K: Honestly the distraction will help, it’s hard to know what security we’ll be facing
R: Given what we’ve seen so far, any additional help we can get will be appreciated.
Y: I can’t really believe that my brother is still there, but if you could find any notes about his whreabouts, It would be very appreciated.
R: Of course; I’ll do anything to find your brother.

Nodding, even a little ashamed how Roheen had been treated by the tribe, Omar describes a hit-and-run plan with horseback archers.

Keriyah suggests

Faruq can tell that she is trying to ‘answer without answering’; does she know anything about Krak al-Niraan, but ‘her organization’ has filled her in, etc.
Why is she here alone? She volunteered
Asks why she volunteered? There’s never just 1 answer, but get the sense she’s anxious to kill Ali because he DARED use the jade jambiya to misrepresent The Soft Whisper

I wish I could be there, but the sheik’s son Omar has decreed that I cannot be part of the assault:
R: you need to rest, _____________


Yazid is the older one
The younger brother has gotten into conflict with the

The god of Najm… that’s just a line they feed. That’s the Flamedeath Fellowship… who worship one of the cold gods, Kossuth.

The orphans decide to
The desert riders begin their assault, firing arrows at the fortress walls, immediately garnering the attention of the guards on the walls. Yazid summons a Djinni who causes a whirlwind as well, and while the distraction seems to be at its peak

Keriyah asks to guide the carpet down to a small window on the parapets

The fortress is fairly austers, not meant to entertain grand guests… sipmle, well-travelled but very utilitarion; no artwork. Keriyah asks if she can disappear

I’m glad you caught up with me, this man is about to tell us where Ali al-wizan is…
he’s crying, balding… scraggly

You’re taking us to see the quartermaster. Once we get there, we’ll stay outside the door, you’ll not tell anyone that we’re here. Once we’re done our business, we will let you go.

Making their way through; only once

No one can stand him… he has had apprentices before… but
There’s the only ones

yazid bin hanif

2 wands
several scrolls:
Conjure fire elemental
Meteor swarm
plane shift
delayed blast fireball

various notebooks, diaries written in a wierd shorthand to himself

Kal is hearing a wrecking ball… not going through a wall, but landing on a hard surface
Peeking down the hallway, Kal sees ________

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