On to the Temple

Ysawis – Where the city/state that Printz thinks the undead came from.

Heroes collect themselves over a campfire.
The behaviour of the undead worries them.
Taj comes back, agitated and the ground rumbles beneath the heroes.

The heroes fight off a bunch of Allosaurus, and a Tyrannosaur

Days later, the heroes (led by Taj) arrive at the temple.

Cult of Ywagara (one of the savage gods, fierce enemy of the serpentine goddess)
(with bat wings, crocodile head, human body)
Are the enemies of the serpents

The temple grounds are littered with serpent corpses, Taj says monuments once stood in honour of the serpent ruling house.

THe heroes go around


Minor signs of decay, and blown-off doors of the main temple.
Snake statues with human heads.
Temple is 50ft high at its center
Velvet silks slashed and ruined
Huge golden statue in the middle.
Cobras head but woman’s face. Diamond shape is painted in the middle of her forehead.

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