One Less Contender?

  • Moving through the hall, there are servants
  • hostage is a young woman, maybe 16 – some minor noble, they have her – she’s crying, mouth bound with a napkin, some ripped up tablecloth trying her wrists
  • one has a knife to her throat the other  looking around manically for someone
  • when they see the eheros, they look almost releive
  • red-harired boy muscled and unshaven come here, come here
  • we need leverage – they’ve all gone crazy
  • the lady of the manorhouse, I don’t know what’s going on – we see things these other people don’t
  • think… i think… i think they’re all seeing stuff that’s not real, they’re eating out of empty bowls,
  • My name is Thomas, this one’s godwin, the female servant with the knife at the young girls’ throat… tiffany
  • Pouring the water for one of the nobles, then she saw, nothing was coming out of the decanter – she started apologizing to the noble

Legion negotiates for her freedom, she invite them to be rewarded by her father in the banquet hall

heroes lead her back to safety on banquet hall but decline entering

returning back the way we came, encounter a knight who say, ‘oh there footman’

apologies “I’m sorry, are you a squire then?” Merian corrects the man, no, I am not a squire, I”m a knight

A female knight!?

Difficult as it is to imagine, yes

Now then, well then, ladeee knight… tha cna’t possibly be correct, come closer please… there’s something about the security of this country house that we must discuss.  As merian moves closer, behind him you can see his servant… a 13 year old boy.

The servant seems to be making a gesture for “play along” despite Legion‘s thought he was casting a spell

I’m sir Leopold, one of the artalin cousins here, do you know that the security is quite amateurish – why just the other day, I think I spied kobolds on the front lawn.

Are these your servants?  IS this your lady in waiting?

These kobolds – did they come here to attack – but he said he took the fight to them.

I took forth three at once, but that did not stop me… but after the battle, I found them dea.d  Dark tidings indeed

the young boy is ‘woke’ and legion and puki ask if he knows where he is… and he regretfully said

how do we get to these two rooms – you’re going the right direction now – then go left, then you’ll be in the main hall, then you’ll see the door that leads to the library, then further in, you will find the door to the shrine.

If you see Sir Leopold again, please convince him there is nothing to go out to fight.  Thank you for your help.

Heroes enter into next area – woman said quick to close the door behind you

Legion realizes she’s a ghost

The plague she’s referring to was what ended the 12th age – could see our breath near the shades so cold

examining the rooms, we find 2 things that are of keen interest, but can’t spend the time to learn about them yet

  • full suit of gorgeous platinum full plate armor
  • plain circlet, also made of platinum – with a tiny blue sapphire in the middle
  • We are able to fit it in

The heroes leave and see what the squire was saying was true…

moving now to the shrine, we see that the door had a seal to the GGW on it, but it is faded and derelict.  The heroes push the door open…

  • a big golden mirror floating around her – no face in the mirror
  • she is in the midst of some sort of ritual spell – one of the items floating above her head is one of the eyes of the stone thief
  • cube of force of constantly-moving symbiote white ectoplasm in it
  • a few other mystical objects are there too

Sighs – I hoped wI sent you away you would never be foolish enough to return here.  Don’t stop the ritual – I’m about to


You know we haven’t come this far to watch you complete a ritual

She glimmers a little bit, and she separates, and she disappears, and in her place, she separates into three distinct beings – the three witches and the dragons!

when the first witch died, the items fell.

The eye is missing 0 the stone thief sucked it up – a huge, angry eye manifest on one of the walls – looking at you from one of the walls – all sorts of ectoplasm  is trying to absorb the hall – the eye melds back into the wall – and the whole place is started shaking – the stone thief dives into the underworld – buried alive!

  • A golden talisman that has ruby, onyx, & sapphire
    • Brooch of The Three
    • +1 to saves when 25 or fewer when you make an attack
  • Wand of Eager Sorcery
    • +2 wand when you hit with spell increase initiative by 1
  • Phoenix Cloak
    • +3 to pd recharge 16 automatically pass a death save as if 20, wreathed in flames for 1round inflicting 25fire to any creatures nearby
  • Platinum Armor
    • (1/day): When an enemy scores a critical hit against you, you take normal damage instead and can heal using a recovery.
  • Circlet of Mental Fortitude
    • Double this item’s default Mental Defense bonus against attacks from demons and devils.
    • In addition, you gain a bonus to saves against effects caused by demons and devils, and to death saves while fighting demons and devils, equal to the doubled default bonus.
    • Quirk: Suspicious of others’ true natures.
Author: Turnerbuds