Otherworldly Assailants

Waiting. Nothing but waiting.

The group had returned relatively unscathed from their last expedition, though there had been some close calls. Venturing into an uncharted cave wasn’t their style, of course, but with the thought of innocents being captured (and worse!), they couldn’t have reasonably turned back. They were not prepared for what they found, however…

It had been a comparatively quiet week or two since.

Once all those who had been captured and enslaved were safely back at headquarters, the heroes were able to give thought to how this latest ‘event’ played into the strangely unfolding plot they were slowly being dragged into. No one could remember a time when such a myriad ‘incidents’ had gone unexplained for so long. It was making people edgy… Especially Kaelis.

He didn’t seem himself this last week or two; he wasn’t as gregarious as he often seemed, and he sang less. Everyone seemed to be dealing with it their own way; Tyrion spent less time away from the bar, Chaedi had taken to making her own arrows instead of relying on the armory’s stockpile, and Ardnthas spent less time in prayer than before.

Everyone seemed on edge.

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As the Knights of Ni regroup, they hear a scream in the distance… Is that Panther screaming?

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