After destroying the marauding scrags on the iceflow, the heroes try to find some rest before they continue their search for the massive iceberg in the unending Sea of Moving Ice:

Melissandre (Eric):

Melissandre opens her black book, and from one of the pages, begins chanting in infernal. Leomund’s Tiny Hut springs into existence on the iceflow.

Kindra (Jonas):

Kindra makes snow angels before seeking shelter. Snow is soooo cooool!

Brother Ioan (Jedd):

Ioan practices making firework-shapes with prestidigitation.

The heroes spent the rest of the night in the safety and warmth of Melissandre‘s Leomund’s Tiny Hut, but their thoughts were on continuing their search in the morning.

The ship was pulled back into the icy water by the crew, and they set out again into the Sea of Moving Ice in search of a rumour, wary of a ghost story.

Along the trip, Zane was able to glean from a chatty crew member that the crewmember who was ‘supposed’ to be on watch last night during the scrag attack was named ‘Derric Pesch’, and that he was an unassuming and long-standing member of the crew; longer than the member chatting with Zane, anyway. Asleep below deck from having been on the night shift, the heroes decided to put this information away for another time.

Set upon by four giant octopi, the heroes were able to fend them off and save three crewmembers who were almost captured by the beasts, but one was lost to the icy ocean and the crew all mourned the loss.

But later that day, when spirits threatened to lower further, ‘the iceberg’ was sighted. Huge beyond description, the iceberg was visible from a mile away; towering more than a hundred feet above the water and taking an hour to find an area suitable to dock the Frostskimmr

Osbarn Joubert – Lerustah’s right-hand man… was investigating who was on-guard and captains Froskimmr in Lerustah’s absence

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