Part III: Clearing the Air

Dawn finds the pair walking on a well-travelled road. It takes them a few hours to find their way out of the forest, travelling in sullen silence the entire time. As the sun begins its climb skyward, Legion breaks the silence.

“We never promised you’d find Shareen after we transported, only that we could find the phylactery. At least, that’s what we thought would happen.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Morpheus replies, as he continues his stoic march beside the mage. Legion remains silent for a long time before speaking again.

“Blackcross, an old affiliate of ours, had the phylactery. We’ll need it back if you want to recover Shareen.”

“You said as much when you woke, it’s how you lured me here. But you also said Blackcross was dead!” Morpheus exclaims.

“Perhaps…” Legion says, his voice trailing off, “Or perhaps not…”

“I have no patience for this,” Morpheus blurts, his control slipping, as his hand drops to his dagger, “and I no longer trust you.”

“We’re not trying to sound aloof!” Legion states, angrily, the show of emotion throwing Morpheus off. “We don’t know! We were not expecting to appear here. We were expecting to appear wherever Blackcross was destroyed, but now we’re not sure. We focused on the phylactery, so there must be a connection here somewhere. And let’s not bandy words under false pretence – you never trusted us.”

“How can you have the power to bring us to another world?” Morpheus asks as they continue their trek down the road.

“It wasn’t entirely me.” Legion answers, “And there will be a cost we’ll have to pay.” His words bringing a chill to Morpheus‘s spine.

Author: Neil