Plotting with Greyface

Fangrot is the orc that was commanded by the Orc Lord to bring the Stone Thief under control

Since then, things have become a bit different:

  • We had overheard orcs from different factions saying< “Fangrot never leaves Deep keep now, even when the STone Thief breaches the surface, Fangrot and his group are almost never part of it.
  • Mostly Grimtusk‘s people that go up and gather as many goods as they can – and have some trading system involving the Prince of Shadows
  • Fangrot is still looking for a way to bring the stone thief under control
  • But Greyface and his group (who are still VERY loyal to the Orc Lord) think he’s given up – or can’t do it
  • Grimtusk has made clear and open that he doesn’t care much about the Orc Lord’s designs anymore – he’s quite happy raiding and looting – not loyal to the Orc Lord at all anymore

After Greyface‘s face-off with Grimtusk, Greyface invited the heroes to accompany him to another location

  • The heroes insist that the captives are able to come with them
  • Greyface thinks that if the
  • Greyface makes a deal with him, but then a horn sounds – the stone thief is submerging
  • Greyface gets some of the slaves to understand that they’re going to come with him
  • some of the orcs are looking at Greyface, hoping he’s knowing what he’s doing…
  • It seems obvious that Grimtusk‘s people are loyal to him that he earns them good money, they get what they want, but it doesn’t go past that
  • The orcs working with Greyface seem to be loyal to him beyond what he can do for them – there’s an admiration

Eventually, the heroes and their rescued captives make it to Greyface‘s

  • The orcs maintain control of the captives but are not brutal to them
  • Arriving in Greyface‘s chamber, it looks like a mish-mash of eclectic furnishings – old and dated, some dirty and tattered
  • Bidding the heroes sit down, Greyface sits and stares at Puki, “I still can’t believe it’s you.  This cannot be a coincidence.  Word has it that you and your troop have survived the Stone thief several times.  Is this truth or exaggeration.
  • It is truth
  • Leaning forward earnestly, “The fates have brought us back together.  It is possible that when you did that “thing” for me years ago, that it was in preparation for this very moment.  Before I continue – your subordinates – can I continue?
  • They’re not my subordinates – They’re my colleagues
  • Addressing them all – As a show of good faith, I’ve brought the citizens from above to be protected.  For Grimtusk, this is an act of war, but I’m willing to go to war for this.  I will be truthful with you, I respect you, so I will not play shadow games with you.  The orcs brought here have lost their way.  Grimtusk wants only to loot and pillage, Fangrot seems impotent – there’s something about it – he’s fallen under the spell of the face of the wall.  He barely leaves and doesn’t loot.  I suspect he is no longer his own orc – a minion of The Face on the Wall.  I know what you’re thinking – more orc politics.  And it’s true – many times my people will be willing to stab each other in the back to further their own ends – I cannot bring the fight to Fangrot – My group is not strong enough – But with a group of assassins who have foiled the Stone thief time and time again –
  • Here is what I’m proposing – kill Fangrot and I will try to place my group to fill in the power vacuum – and in return, I will do you a favour – you don’t keep coming back to the Stone Thief for fun – it’s for a reason – I will help you fulfil that purpose – you need only kill Fangrot and erase the smudge on the Orc Lord’s honour – what say you?
  • Puki: An interesting proposal – but there are many things occurring that involve more than just the orcs –
  • You have business in the lower levels…
  • We will eventually have to get there, yes…
  • I am the one who keeps watch over the gate to the maddening stair – the only way into the lower levels.  I will grant you access – there has already been another who has slipped away.
  • The one who does not serve the Orc Lord’s interests?
  • No, there are others who want to control the stone thief – he gave enough gold to Fangrot to get through

Puki immediately knew he meant the Black Dragonic.

  • Gathering their thoughts and after much discussion
  • Greyface, in front of his advisors, asks, “What conclusions have you reached?”
  • Puki all of a sudden clams up for no reason
  • Merian steps in and says that our priorities are:
  • I want you to understand that i”m not doing this for any personal power.  It’s actually my hope that Grimtusk may remember his loyalty to the Orc Lord if Fangrot falls
  • I will allow you to kill Grimtusk – one of the other orcs chosen by the orc lord for the task he has now forgotten, but I will take no pleasure in it
  • Idris: Is he not dishonouring all orcs, doing what he does?
  • Greyface is slightly angered by this – the thought of dishonour angered him
  • Greyface proposes killing BOTH Fangrot and Grimtusk the next time the Stone Thief rises to the surface
  • Greyface promises to keep the rest of Hildebrande’s citizens safe during the next transition of the stone thief
  • Idris: We agree to your terms
  • Greyface: Excellent

Greyface arranges ‘quarters’ to sleep in – it is apparent that Greyface focuses on utility, not opulence

He shares that he and his band found a black pudding and have a specially prepared chest to contain it, the plan being to bring it as an offering to one of the other orc generals

Greyhface asks us why we want access to the lower levels – he shares with us why he does – the alliance between the orcs and the secret masters is like a cold war – they exchange magic items as a toll when coming to and from the Maddening Stair

The lair of the secret masters – live in an area that’s protected by onyx catacombs – there is a pit in there where things that have been unable to digest over the millennia have all sort of gathered the pit of undigested ages – there’s a powerful witch who lives in the lower levels –

  • Legion admit
  • Merrian says the banner
  • Puki says there are those who mean to end this age
  • Greyface says I have long suspected
  • The witch, however, I have not been able to surmise why she is there, but she is no friend to the secret masters, so must be powerful if they can’t rid of her – a handsome woman by human standards
Casila Artalin

Puki realizes – the one Greyface is speaking of, may well be Casila Artalin

The heroes spend close to a week in Deep Keep

  • they get a layout idea of where things are next to one another
  • Greyface said he had almost all the religious people and shamans – blood sorcerers and a temple in deep keep that is the source of their power – if we wanted our job to be easier, we should take that out first
  • the 2nd one he allowed to live was Blind Uthe – been with Fangrot for decades – the one who provided him with advice on when the best time to attack, retreat, etc.  With great reluctance, Greyface says that if she were to understand that Fangrot no longer servers the orc lord, Greyface would love to have her at his side
  • Greyface also suggests she may know when we are about to attack Fangrot and warn Fangrot
  • To kill Grimtusk, we’ll do the ‘escorting prisoners’ meme and surprise attack him

Nidalru remembers having seen the temple, and a demonic presence lay within

It seems unlikely that Blind Uthe is empowered by the temple itself, but perhaps proximity is the boon.  It also suggests that because of his link to the temple, it might be necessary to kill Fangrot twice.

Deciding to assault the temple first, then Uthe, Fangrot and finally Grimtusk.

The portal is vampiric and soaks up blood – blood-soaked robes works for some of the sorcerers

Walking through the labyrinthian city, Idris gets a familiar feeling – reminding him of the days back when he served The Three, fighting creatures from the pit.

The orcs drop off the heroes in front of the temple and Legion uses Mage Hand to open the door.

Waiting inside – a scene of horror:




Author: Turnerbuds