Princess Zoraya

Her guardian is dead. The tomb is silent, and now the heroes have in their possession the fabled great scimitar <i>Lifedrinker</i>. Ignoring the cold whispers now accompanying them, the heroes turn their thoughts to what other treasures might be discovered if they dig a little deeper…

The heroes rest quickly

tear shaped crystal vial
smoky topaz ring
beautiful dagger sheathed in a gold scabbard
scroll magical

sarcophagus: Here lies Zoriah
The scrolls made me make a save


Crystal inner coffin; 12ft in diameter, shrivelled and blackened form of a mummified reptilian feature, with a crocodile head and a dozen legs, serpentine bottom

The creature’s eyelids open, revealing bloodshot, human eyes


3 inlaid symbols of antique
inscriptions in ancient Noga on its belly

all magic items are cursed
The verse on the artifact’s belly and trace one of the symbol
it casts one of
– Resurrection
– Greater Restoration
– Heal

The heroes leave the tomb and shalmanezer

The life-proofing gem


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