Leosin Erlanthar is a wandering monk who visited your home city once 2 years ago. You became fast friends as you both had passionate interest in books and knowledge and he understood you in ways not many did. He also was an orphan. You have kept up a correspondence with him but have not heard from him for 3 months. Finally a letter arrives:

Dearest Scribe,

I am sorry it has taken so long to write. I am spending most of my waking hours on a most interesting project. You see I have discovered some very strange activities and movements relating to a local dragon cult. You and I both know that these cults come and go in waves but this time there is a sustained increase in activity and some rather powerful figures are involved. The focus seems to be on a city named Greenest. I have been based here for the last several ten days, I suspect something will be happening here soon. I will surely write to you once I know more.

Your Friend,


Author: Caelynn

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