Rath Modar & Rezmir Fall

Searching the Flying Citadel:

Rath Modar fight:
  • staff of fire
  • scroll of dimension door
  • scroll of feather fall – Serevinn
Rezmir Fight:
  • Black Dragon Mask
  • Greatsword
  • Gems, jewels & jewellery worth 3,000 gp
  • 600 sp
  • 200 gp
  • 50 pp

– letters addressed to Severinn the supreme leader of the cult of the dragon

  • discusses in-depth connections between the wizards and the cult itself
  • Sense the wizards are working on the science of making Tiamat available
  • Some red wizards are unhappy with others that are working with the dragon cult

Book: Beyond the Iron Gates

  • Speaks of devil summoning, last chapter mass sacrifices: thousands to release from the 9 hells
Author: Turnerbuds

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