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-5g – jonas (bathing & more)
-1g everyone else (bathing & food)

Priesthood of Zahm

Priesthood of Hajama

Priesthood of Jazam (waters & economics)

Faruq is finding information about how to defend against the Grey Fever and found out that Gorar the barber (with Yakub’s blessing) has information

Yallister – merchant who specializes in artifactds of the ruined kingdom – even eviscerated so-called old kingdom scholars in public – meanly. COuld be expensive to get an audience – has a chip on his shoulder that he should be teaching a class on the subject but doesn’t have the credentials –

Azizullah‘s criminal network confirmed the above; but lore doesn’t compare to actual artifacts – getting their hands on them is paramount, and what you do to do get ’em doesn’t really matter

Kal met his ex-wife! She had gone looking for him

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