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Adventuring with Jadan Korr, Jara the Sprtye, and Chef the Healer.


Altaris is a powerfully built, domineering figure. As a giant, he is proportioned similarly to all humans, but he stands just under ten feet tall! Daunting and impressive, Altaris has brown hair, worn long about his shoulders. With brown eyes and a huge smile, Altaris is charismatic and approachable, pleasant and kind in his slow-to-act, long-to-think demeanor. Altaris has trained for many years in his native lands to learn the traditions and rituals of his people before he came from across the sea, and has become well-versed in the history and legacy of his race. Altaris? knowledge of ceremony and his understanding of the giant way of life has increased his physical presence, and he now towers over even other young giants. Altaris possesses an innate muscularity, beyond many of his giant brethren. With his incredibly wide shoulders, Altaris? arms reach almost as far across as he is tall; his fists are as large as a human’s head and his legs are more akin to tree trunks. Altaris prefers to wear the ritualistic garb of his homeland, a long flowing tunic, bound at the waist with pants well-tailored for his incredible size. Often wearing grey and black, Altaris reserves the giant-favored white for ceremonies or other special occasions. Despite his size, Altaris is very self-sufficient. He carries naught with him but several pouches on his belt and occasionally carries a sling over his shoulder.


Altaris is a patient and respectful giant. Because of his size, he is often initially regarded as a battle-hungry fiend bent on exerting his physical prowess on those smaller than him, but this is quite the opposite. Altaris spends much of his time listening and only speaks when he feels he has something to contribute of worth. Mindful of his role as representative of his race in Dor-Erthenos, Altaris is content to sit back and let others decide their own fates. Seldom will Altaris speak ill of someone, and never to spite them. In a group, Altaris will always take up the rear, folding his arms across his chest to watch and listen. His deep voice resonates in the minds of those he speaks to, and while he might be slow to anger, he is quick to come to the defense of his friends and allies. Altaris enjoys the same things smaller people do; good drink, good humor, and hard work.


Altaris‘ most notable trait is his slow manner of speech. It’s become almost a trademark and one that his brothers made no end of jokes about in their youth. It was always this way for Altaris, who spends more time considering what he says than actually saying it. In Altaris? mind, to speak quickly without thought is a greater flaw than to give consideration to one’s thoughts, only to find them in error. Along his side, Altaris has a long, jagged scar that runs from just under his arm, almost down to his waist. This he received many years ago, in an altercation with a pair of lionesses hunting for their pride. Too late Altaris‘ father caught up with him and discovered the horrible scene. After fending off the wild pair of lions, Altaris arrived back in the city barely alive. His voice was a whisper, and with his father already grieving, Altaris was mended as best he could be. Still hovering between this world and the next, Altaris was brought to the ancient temple, and for many days and nights, Altaris? father neglected his role in the senate to be with his son. The Rite of Passing was a mantra ever-present in those days of uncertainty, where Altaris? mind wandered in a haze of smoke and incense. Only faint was the murmur of loved ones and above all, the deep baritone of his father’s booming voice, lowered to a whisper; reverberating with grief, regret and sorrow. It is during this time, when Altaris? soul was most vulnerable was the importance and power of ritual and ceremony imprinted on him. Altaris feels very deeply that he owes his life to ritual, that he would only be a memory were it not for the conviction and belief his father showed in those days of mortal peril.


Altaris has just arrived in Dor-Erthenos. His time spent in his homeland was luxurious and carefree. His father’s position in the senate provided well for Altaris and his brothers, so he was allowed to pursue any interest he wished. This, perhaps was partially to blame for Altaris‘ feelings of being overshadowed by his older brothers; he just had no clear desire to study or train. What he loved was tradition. What he honored was ceremony. What he believed in was ritual. Altaris has come to the lands of the Diamond Throne to help where he can, to educate those who are willing to learn, and to gain renown and stature in his Giant community. These goals were stymied too much in his homeland, and as such he has come to seek these things in Dor-Erthenos. If Altaris had to find employment, his most valuable skill would likely be as a mason or stoneworker. His time spent back home allowed him every opportunity to study and learn from the magnificent, almost magical masons in Del-Makar, and Altaris‘ love for the durability and reliability of stone, as opposed to wood, runs deep in his veins. The majesty of Del-Makar ingrained heavily this preference, and Altaris has made a number of amateur statues to adorn their villa in the Senate quarter and they stand there even now.


Since arriving in the lands of the Diamond Throne, Altaris hasn’t procured a residence. Sleeping outside in the outskirts of villages, in the comfort of the forests, he has had no need (and no means) to establish a place of residence thus far.


Since arriving in Dor-Erthenos, Altaris has visited several of the main Giant cities. He first arrived in Du-Nor (at Khorl) and met had an audience with the Steward there. Shortly after traveling through Ka-Rone, Altaris came to the magnificent city of De-Shamod. While there, he met and spoke long with Dro-Kareth, a powerful Steward selected specifically to rule De-Shamod by the Monarchy in Dor-Erthenos. Of course, Altaris has met and bonded quickly with Jadan Korr, the mageblade in search of his sister. New allies include Jara the Spryte and a quiet fellow named Chef, with the power to heal.


Those who would balk at ceremony and ritual, and those who oppress others for their own purpose.


To help Jarod find his sister and to help Chef find his brother. Also, Altaris is on Serran to champion the causes of goodness and prosperity for the human race. His desire to bring the light of giant-ish ceremony and ritual to Dor-Erthenos to allow an alternative to religion will be brought to fruition.

  • Alive/Dead | Alive
  • Gender | Male
  • Race | Goliath
  • Height | 9′ 10″
  • Weight | 400 lbs.
  • Age |
  • Hair | Mostly bald, otherwise white
  • Eyes | Brown or glowing in combat
  • Skin | Grey sometimes with a purple hue
  • Alignment |
  • Religion |

  • Patron |
  • Liege |
  • Affiliation |
  • Hero Group |
  • Setting |

  • Father |
  • Mother |
  • Spouse/Love Interest |
  • Siblings |
  • Children |

  • 1e | Didn’t Exist
  • 2e | Didn’t Exist
  • 3e | 3 Giant / 1 Oathsworn
  • 3.5e |
  • 4e |
  • 5e |
  • 13a |
  • 13a 2e |
  • PF 2e |
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