Roll20 gets Rolling

1st 5e roll20 session!

As you approach, about a day’s travel out from Greenest, you notice signs of recent passage of large numbers of people. Towards the city. Camp sites, animal carcasses, debris. Far ahead.

As you get closer, being steatlhy now, you notice some groups of red robed humans, and you think you see groups of kobolds running towards Greenest.

There is smoke above the city now. Faint cries, screams. You hear and see flashes of lightning.

Lightning? You look up, late afternoon sun shines all around you.

  • ‘ – Arobyn, Luther & Scribe meet on a hill
  • ‘ – they see the town destroyed and on fire, with a massive dragon circling above
  • ‘ – luther runs into the town, and arobyn reluctantly follows
  • ‘ – scribe tentatively follows sticking to the cover of the trees… wide-eyed and afraid
  • ‘ Coming across an acolyte and three guards, they call out; you boy come help us ransack another family
  • Luther calls out, you’ve committed your last!
  • ‘ acolyte tries to command luther to flee; resist
  • ‘ luther crushes acolyte with handaxe
  • ‘ arobyn crushes guard with bow
  • ‘ scribe vicious mockery’s one for some dmg & disadvantage
  • ‘ whisper sneak attacks one of the guards
  • ‘ who is teh boy?
  • ‘ I thought you belonged to one of the others
  • ‘ linan swift
  • ‘ cuth
  • ‘ 2 saved their lives
  • ‘ family of 5

Arobyn (Greg):

“Clearly, there must be foul magic at play here! So it would seem the rumors of increased bandit activity are correct – but this seems a little more organized, humans and kobolds seeming to be working together…” Arobyn says to Luther.

“We must see if we can reach the city, and find this dwarf…”

Author: Caelynn