Saving Starport

  • Still at the stone fort after having closed the portal and fought off some of the invaders
  • A supernatural storm is wheeling around the mountain, dark lightning splitting apart the rocks and arcing up into the sky towards a comet.
  • The dark lightning on the mountain crackles all around you, as the strange sphere known by some as the Archmage’s Comet (but which the adventurers know is a living dungeon planet) hovers in the sky above the mountain.
  • Rips appear in the sky, and strange monsters flood out of the holes in reality.
  • The Archmage’s image appears before you and attempts to speak but the image is blasted away
  • Brath (Joe): The magical, reality-twisting winds whipping about the heroes feels now like waves… the wind brushing over them hard and then soft, as the noise grows louder.  When the waves hit hard, the heroes feel weak and their faces seem to change for a moment as quick as the wind, their legs get weak in the wind, but their strength and their familiar faces return as the wind abates
    • Rainier (Fab): Rainier can see that everyone is struggling as he is… he thinks of the battles they have fought together in… reminds everyone who they are and what they are here to do… steeling themselves against the magical tides and eventually they are feel the winds dissipate
  • Rainier (Fab): As they move towards the tunnel, the blasts of lightning around the mountain seem to come closer… threatening but not yet striking… random but certainly more intense than before
    • Ereveron (Dave L.): Ereveron spends a few minutes studying the lightning pattern… and it turns out, there is one.  He is able to predict where the lightning will likely strike, and is able to lead the group through the minefield.
  • Ereveron (Dave L.): The blasts though do strike the mountainside however, and a tumble of rocks and dirt comes crashing towards the heroes
    • Gallydyn (Max): Reacting as fast as the lightning that caused the landslide, Gallydyn is able to erect a forcefield to hold back the threat, and as soon as his friends are clear, with a thought, Gallydyn teleports himself to safety as the boulders and earth come crashing through the very spot he stood a split-second before
  • Gallydyn (Max): As the party continues, we reach another cliff where there is a gap between two parts of the mountain, but a precarious bridge is the only way to pass.  Violent wind threatens to bring the bridge down, but time is of the essence.
    • Magnus (Roberto): Magnus thinks quickly – securing the tree to avoid it blocking our path, ushering the party to quickly follow his lead.
  • Magnus (Roberto): The bridge however was not meant to withstand these winds, and is clearly about to crumble, perhaps under their very feet!
    • Minoru (Eric): Because of the trans-dimensional storm, Minoru can see into the different realities and just like her offensive magic, can pull even in small part pieces of those realities, not to replace what’s in hers, but to ‘lend stability’ to the planks of the very bridge they’re sprinting across.  Carried in Magnus‘ arms, they reach the other side safely.
  • Minorus (Eric): Closer now to the mouth of the mine for shelter, her concentration weakens and the very real physical threat of whether the mine is open, whether it’s clear, whether there’s a landslide in front of it… this has to be timed well!
    • Brath (Joe): Not knowing of the arcane, and knowing only how to protect, Brath sees for a minute a glimpse of what she describes, and quite instinctively he strides forward, focusing only on the walls of the mine entrance.  The stone, the wood, the very substance of what will allow it to stay open moments long, Brath feels the surge of nature stem from his very feet – not claws but rock.  Not fur, but stone.  Not arms but iron.  And like a silent monolith, he presses hard against the mountainside and keeps the entrance open, a sentinel protecting those who run beneath him from danger.  Once his friends passed safely, he collapsed into his normal form, panting, and wondering… what power did he just receive a glimpse of?!

  • Rocks are smashing others as they rain down from the mountainside
  • Certain now that they have arrived somewhere bizarre, the rock around the heroes starts to animate… the same odd flesh-like transformation they witnessed at the small fort when Gallydyn and Minoru collapsed the small portal
  • The grisly sight before the heroes is enough to turn the stomach of most – skulls and severed heads line the floor of the cavern
  • some of the staffs the parasite hosts were carrying lie discarded and burned nearby – used or damaged is impossible to know

Brain-Absorber Xombie, Skull Crab, Xombie Egg Swarm, Star-Mask


  • Soon after the battle is over the mountainside drops away below the party, the stone-turned-to-flesh sloughing off the flanks of Starport.
  • The mountainside is collapsing – the only safe place to go is further into the mountain via the mine entrance.
  • As the adventurers flee the transformation of the mountain they discover that the tunnel they are moving down starts to shift and change.
  • The rough walls of the mine start to straighten, the stone shifting and ‘plinking’ into new forms.

The adventurers are stumbling around inside the ever-growing twisting dungeon that Starport is becoming. The floor opens below them, dropping them into a shaft that leads downwards.  Thankfully the adventurers fall is broken by something soft. As their eyes adjust to the darkness they discover that they have landed on a vast brain!

Magnus uses a 6 with The High Druid:

… to makes sure he can keep to the ‘natural’ areas of the caves, being careful not to touch the horrifying parts of the living dungeon

Gallydyn uses a 6 with The Elf Queen:

… to tap into his elven nature and doing something he’s done before… slightly levitate as he moves through the caverns to avoid the traps and being in contact with the awful new floor

  • Soon the adventurers find themselves in a stone dungeon, with doorways, rooms, cross-passages, and stairs.

Starport Brain, Brain-Absorber Xombie, Xombie Egg Swarm


With a shudder the Starport Brain dies. The living dungeon stops moving, becoming mere stone once more. The dungeon begins to collapse, but the adventurers are in a location that is relatively safe.

As one of the walls sloughs off the adventurers can see the sky, and they view the Dungeon Planet hovering angrily in the sky, dark lightning crackling around it. As the adventurers stare they see an image of the Archmage made of blue fire. The image grows until it is large enough to encompass the rogue flying mega-dungeon, and with a heave throws it back into space.

The image of the Archmage shrinks as it walks towards the party, until it is a glowing blue humanoid figure, a slightly translucent figure.

The image of the Archmage speaks:

“Heroes! Thanks to you the world has been saved. I was not able to intervene while the living dungeon was actively growing in Starport.”

With a gesture the Archmage causes a very large pile of gold to appear.

“Here is your reward, though the Dragon Empire is still in your debt and no amount of gold could ever repay what you have done. It is in my power to transport you to any of the Seven Cities, or if you prefer you can stay here and investigate the deeper secrets of Starport that the death of the living dungeon has doubtless laid bare.

The Dungeon Planet will be back, so I may have to call upon you again in the future.”

The adventurers each receive 2000 gp, the gratitude of the most powerful wizard in existence, and can choose to be teleported back to civilization to spend their treasure or can decide to delve into the ruins of the (now-dead) living dungeon.

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