Securing the Ingredients

  • The heroes elect to secure the ingredients to forge the weapon to kill the stone thief in the armor of the Koru Behemoth
  • First – need to find the path
  • 2nd – need to find stoneroot
  • 3rd – need to differentiate from the mountains

Puki‘s sleep has been troubled of late… the movement of The Stone Thief has troubled his dreams… and the last few days have been especially bad – perhaps even moreso as the heroes are being successful in finding the items to form the weapon.

puki has been feeling worse since the undaunted have been more successful in their endeavors to kill the stone thief. He’s having visions of the stone thief, fantasizing about going back to anvill

Perhaps it’s the idea of returning to Anvil after all this time…

Was it so bad that he healed an orc?  That he didn’t see things in black and white?  Compassion is a crime now?  Maybe he doesn’t want to go back!  Maybe that makes the fantasy cooler… even in a waking state Puki feels himself falling into the stone thief occasionally.  Falling past faces… The Butcher, the Provost – haunted, desperate, dangerous, friends – sagging and decrepit – the flesh tailor behind them – Nuzbok – keep falling – faces of dragonmen falling about you – the ancient dwarf assassin – master throatcutter – a sound… horrible… the pit – jagged white rocks… no – that’s a mouth… it’s laughing… the hag Pheig… she’s laughing at us…. and then you wake up.

  • Puki sees flying figures off in the distance… small and close or huge and far…
  • Legion lands the ship in a valley and takes with him the gear control to safeguard it being stolen
  • Folding up the sails to attract less attention, Puki says he knows where the camp is
  • The heroes set out, but are almost immediately set upon by a flock of gargoyles!


  • The rest of the trip is w/o incident… the heroes are greeted warmly at the encampment of the Stone roost barbarians… thought of as heroes
  • welcoming us
  • Koruk the Invincible (leader) big, gigantic axe walks out
  • asks if we are here to stay and if Puki is here to rule
  • Puki: It is not the time – there is still much to be done to protect the behemoth for generations to come
  • Why have you come?
  • Puki: We need to secure some items here
  • We will protect them with our life
  • We will place these items within the behemoth itself under your guard
  • Koruk stands and says, “I await you to bequeath them to me”.

Puki explains that because the items may be sought after, we hope to encase them in the shell of the behemoth itself and ask her to lead them to a place nearby that would be well-hidden.

Puki is able to secure all the ingredients in one hiding place, and the eye (rolled a 20) in another.

  • The next morning the heroes take their leave of the barbarians – mindful that they may have laid waste to a village just days ago, but they tried to put it out of their minds – they were under no illusion that their barbarian allies were good, but what havoc they caused was best left out of their minds
  • Returning to the ship, the heroes discussed at some length what the next move was:
  • Puki was certainly in no rush to endanger himself by returning to the lands of the dwarves, but could not escape the likely need for the smith to forge the weapon to kill the stone thief to be a dwarf themselves – and where best to find one?
  • The heroes decided they would begin their search back where it all started – Hildebrande… perhaps the dwarves there would be helpful
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