Session #1 of Starport Investigators

Before we begin:

We’ve successfully managed to drag another of our extended family into the fold; Maximilian!

What new temperament will he bring, if any? Will he be a quiet, watchful, thoughtful player who offers the occassional brilliant insight, or a critical-thirsty, loud and instigative player who leaves a trail of bodies in his wake?

Let’s find out, shall we?


Session #1 of Starport Investigators

I’ve hearrrrrd there is a woman by the name of Kitty who is looking for able bodied persons to help her escort her floss drakes through the Dragon Wood… she’s a merchant of some sorts… I’ve heard there are bandits that have attacked travelers within the woods… Worrrrrrd is she’ll pay handsomely and is easy on the eyes…. I’ve also hearrrrrd there may be more work for you, if you’re interested, in the village in which you are to escort Miss Kitty….
What say you hmmmmmmm?

  • the group was hired to escort floss drakes by Kitty (who wears lingerie as normal clothing lol)
  • going through the Dragon Wood – set upon by bandits def
  • Archmage’s comet going through the sky
  • going through the atmosphere it broke up and parts fell to the earth
  • went to a crater
  • weird tentacled, Lovecraftian-type beings emerged & fought them off
  • Minoru thinks the Archmage’s wards are failing and she wants to let him know
  • there’s a tower nearby that might help to send that message off
  • Minoru gets a wand of power (LOL ERIC WAS KIDDING & JONAS STILL MADE IT UP & GAVE IT TO HIM! 🙂
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