Session #1 of Starport Investigators

Before we begin:

We’ve successfully managed to drag another of our extended family into the fold; Maximilian!

What new temperament will he bring, if any? Will he be a quiet, watchful, thoughtful player who offers the occassional brilliant insight, or a critical-thirsty, loud and instigative player who leaves a trail of bodies in his wake?

Let’s find out, shall we?


Session #1 of Starport Investigators

  • the group was hired to escort floss drakes by Kitty (who wears lingerie as normal clothing lol)
  • going through the Dragon Wood – set upon by bandits def
  • Archmage’s comet going through the sky
  • going through the atmosphere it broke up and parts fell to the earth
  • went to a crater
  • weird tentacled, Lovecraftian-type beings emerged & fought them off
  • Minoru thinks the Archmage’s wards are failing and she wants to let him know
  • there’s a tower nearby that might help to send that message off
  • Minoru gets a wand of power (LOL ERIC WAS KIDDING & JONAS STILL MADE IT UP & GAVE IT TO HIM! 🙂
Author: Turnerbuds