Slaying of the Basilisk

“How in the gods’ names…?”
Puki couldn’t finish his sentence, stunned as he was at the sight before him.  The rest of his companions couldn’t either; they all sported looks of either confusion, wry delight, or heavy scowls…but none of them spoke.
13a – npc – peter

After walking through the gates of Hildebrande, a fair-sized crowd was there to meet them.  Cheering.  Actual cheering, with hoots, hollering, and applause.  It was led (if such things can truly be said to be led) by a relatively young man named Peter.  Handsome, with a talent for exciting the crowd, he kept referring to the companions as heroes, mythic beast-slayers, and more fanciful titles.

Random citizens kept offering their services, wanting to buy them drinks, etc.  A servant from the temple offered to take the basilisk head to the temple, others offered to adorn their armour, shine their shield…it went on.  The whole group that had gathered seemed quite enamored with Idris, Merrian, and the others.*
All except one.  From an alcove of a building, David stood silently, still staring at the group with his unnerving gaze.
Wanting to get out from under his stare, the group headed to the Freighter, hoping to relax and share a meal to celebrate their victory over the Syndicate (as well as plan their next move).  When they got there, plenty of people were lining up to buy them drinks, but Condon surprisingly turned them away.  “Why is he refusing business?” wondered Nidalru.
“I have some people who need to speak with you,” said Condon, choosing his words with extra care.  There were some hooded figures at a table, each with a mug of beer in front of them, untouched.  Condon whispered something to Idris, then placed a friendly hand on the shoulders of both Puki and Nidalru and said in a tight voice “I’ve been asked to mediate this meeting…whatever gets said, please keep an open mind and think of the good of Hildebrande.  Promise?”
Madame Xeneva had the following magical items:
Obsidian Cameo (recharge 16+): When a nearby enemy saves against ongoing damage, it takes ongoing damage equal to 1d3 times your level.  Quirk: Sneering superiority.  Constant bonus: +1 to saves when at 10 hp pr fewer.  Slot: Necklace
Circlet of Swift Thought: (recharge 16+): Increase your initiative by 4.  Quirk: The slightest delay infuriates you.  Constant bonus: +1 to MD
Author: Eric