The heroes watch as Azbara Jos and the coward Rezmir flee through the magical portal, then set their sights back on Pharblex.

Rezmir and Azbara Jos are standing in the circle. Whisper, Luther and Foluwa (half dead) in conflict with her. When Arobyn‘s arrow hits her she unleashes the magic of the portal. The heroes feel the world swirling in the mist and a portal opening. Rezmir sighs in annoyance “why wouldn’t these fools listen? I suppose Trepsin will have to take care of them once we arrive”. The magic continues to swirl, the heroes feel nauseated. “I may be able to help, my lady” says Azbara Jos. The eddies of the magic change, the heroes feel pressure on their chests, blinding white light so vision is blocked. Then a cold roar of wind, so loud and cold. There is a thunderclap of noise which quickly gets sucked into the portal with Rezmir and the mage. Whisper, Luther and Foluwa are left standing alone in the cavern just outside the magic circle. The last thing to be heard through the closing portal is Rezmir saying with a chuckle: “Oh well done Azbara”.

All is quiet, save for the sound of chanting coming from the cave that you suspect Pharblex is in. And the distant croak of frogs. And the sound of Scribe crying like a baby after having his gay ass handed to him by a real enemy.

Author: Turnerbuds

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