Spilling the Beans

From Ali‘s notes: Ali‘s nature meant he was not a good fit for BotTF. Qirmiz is BotTF agent responsible for Grand Caliph’s sterility (lipstick). BotTF spy in royal palace; important, well-connected and powerful. Hidden temple to Kossuth in Huzuz makes BotTF magi more powerful.

Faruq spent a day going through the different documents that were in Ali‘s chest; the fire magi used a weird shorthand that, along with his insane ramblings, made things difficult to figure out. Having said that, here’s what Faruq is (mostly?) sure of…

1) Ali has written DOZENS more of the note the siblings found that implied Aunty and their family was in danger… they seem to be generic enough and not necessarily a result of personal enmity.

2) Ali was definitely on the outs with Brotherhood main factions due to his (lol) fiery personality, uneven temperament, and spontaneous(ly combustible) nature; this would make him ill-suited to long term Brotherhood plans, especially…

3) Qirmiz is a Brotherhood of True Flame magi! Ali crafted the enchanted lipstick she uses when she infiltrates the royal harim to kiss the Grand Caliph, rendering him sterile… so distracted is the Grand Caliph by this pressing issue, that the Brotherhood has managed to have its other plans proceed unimpeded, further helped by…

4) … the fact that there is a Brotherhood spy in the Royal Palace. Ali‘s writings don’t mention her or him by name, but the gist is that the person is important, well connected, and powerful.

5) There is a hidden temple to Kossuth somewhere in Huzuz. All Brotherhood magi are more powerful as a result.

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