Sulayman Ash-Shaulah

Sulayman Ash-Shaulah; friends and family call him “Su”. He ran a scheme as an “oracle” able to tell your future, using his familiar and his observation skills to trick unsuspecting fools. He also runs a mean three card monty style con. He’s not good at either, and ended up caught (not before he bilked Aunty’s husband of some coin) and in a twist of fate and compassion, ended up with Aunty.

The compassion and understanding shown by Aunty to him (esp. after having robbed them) has touched him, though he’ll not admit it openly. He’s thrown himself back into his studies in hopes that he can redeem himself in her eyes. He leans towards sarcasm as his weapon of choice. He has a fey familiar (an owl) that he summons frequently and whom he calls “Yousef”. Also, my understanding is that we’re all supposed to be young, correct?

He’s an easy mark for anyone to pick to hate, since he swindled Aunty and her husband.


Player Notes

Positive Bond with: Akeylah
Negative bond with: Guzman (calls him names and insults his intelligence)


Features & Habits

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Author: Neil