Fadiya is stabilized by one of the Everlasting upon the Caliph of Shadow’s commands.

The tower of dawn is in nw corner of jabal sarahin

Heroes are transported to the tower of daawn

Marash tower is southest of Jabal Sarahin

The caliph says, “I’ve come to teh conclusion that you’ve been misled” pitying Faruq

Young woman with Printz‘ lute –
Nikolai Nicopolis
Akim al-Kalaas
Handsome Man – Farouk abd al-Bazan
Dwarf Priestess –Batina al-Shaat
Mara al-Gurab Sagir
Safia al-Gurab Sagir
Sayida Ibn Afa
Marwan – The Caliph of Shadows

let me tell you a tale…

Printz will offer a performance to the Everlasting. It will be the tale of Faruq. The story will be a tragic one highlighting his suffering being an orphan, the threat of his mother being sold into slavery, losing the sibling he loves the most to a blue dragon, dealing with a broken heart, and the underlying stigma he feels as a genasi. The story will also highlight how fate has brought him to where he is now; the adventures, and what is yet to come (lions). Is it mere coincidence?

After the performance, he will ask if anyone else would have acted differently and had passed the test given these conditions of such tragic loss, despite the great potential he possesses. He will also tell them that it is because of him that the rest of us are where we are now (becoming part of the Everlasting), and he has much to offer if he too were to become part of the Everlasting (also being granted a second chance to take a test).

printz will ask marwan for mercy, “for although the kid has acted brashly towards you, I hope you may grant him mercy for, i feel he knows not what he does”

Ahhhhh… does being part of the story of the lions of tomorrow something of interest for the Everlasting? For it seems the fate fo Faruq has a part to play in this… (persuasion check)

I thought it was that group that was fighting that lich in that book we saw in Wasat…

I was just curious cause you mentioned as a reason for saving Faruq and that he is somehow tied to it. Maybe it happened before Kal joined the group or I might have missed it.

The Lions of Yesterday opposed the Geomancer Circle of Nine centuries ago. The Lions of Tomorrow (ostensibly your group) were prophesied to arise if the Geomancers should return.

wow, i’ve forgotten a lot of that!

now that we have a genie in our service for 101 days, is it possible to ask her about some of the mysteries we’ve yet to uncover or to contact those who are now in our favor for help?

contact or locate the following?
Adil the beggar (who has the seal)
Nalv the giant wasp
Kamilla the jackalwere leader
acquire information?
Al-Afaz, Al-Mirish, Al-Kazad; who are these people?
who sent the invisible stalker after the seal?
what does it mean “The written word is a gift to the Lions of Tomorrow”?

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