As the heroes of Starport, I mean, the other guys catch a quick breather before opening the second door with the silver key, Milo explains to his friends what he’s been up to. After being subjected to magical testings, and being questioned of where he came from, when he arrived, and blah blah blah, he received a dream from his good old friend the Great Gold Wyrm. Unlike the dreams he usually received from the Icon, this one was of the dragon telling him to seek the Priestess. As instructed through his dream, Milo did so and traveled to the City of Temples to the Cathedral to see her. Upon arriving at the massive temple which can be seen from miles away towering over all the other structures and temples in the city, the Priestess met him on the steps, welcoming him. Upon laying his eyes upon her, he began to cry. His tears were of pain and guilt of what he has done, and what he has become. Without knowing, he transformed from halfling into his monstrous form and continued to weep. This was the first time in where he consciously felt that Milo and Bong were not fighting for control, and felt united. As if being in her presence brought them both peace. To this day he cannot explain it. She then approached him and lay her right hand upon his shoulder. Through her touch, he felt comforted and understood. As she stood there in comforting silence, he asked her, “you know me?” She then gave him a wink. He then told her that he has come to seek peace, knowledge, and understanding of what he must do, and how to do it. And after asking, she told him, “so be it”. As he wiped the tears from his eyes and reopened them, he found himself standing on the steps alone, and in his new form.

Author: Jonas