Tempus: The History

Chosen One and High Priest of Agravelenon, Tempus has been an integral part of the Scourge since the Underdark. Through marriage, the birth of his son, and exile from his homeland, he strives to bring the message of his god to the people in harsh times.

Tempus led the party with his Oerthly brother, Tanamier for a number of years. The two share a bond that goes beyond mortal comprehension, empowered by deities making themselves known in the Flanaess only now.

He has faced seemingly every danger the world has to offer, and still maintains a steadfast faith in Agravelenon, God of Warriors and Destruction. From fledgling warrior/cleric, Tempus has amassed a circle of friends that command the most powerful magicks in the world. From political powers to mysterious mages, from criminals and vagabonds to his royal allies, Tempus is indeed powerful, even without the aid of his deity.

He has faced every danger the world has from his days investigating the City of the Glass Pool, Tempus has strived to bring goodness and peace to the world in which he lives. Lonely, hard, and dedicated, Tempus found comfort in the company of Tanamier, a fledgling wizard who also commanded similar priestly abilities. Tempus and Tanamier, joined by Dhel and S’Thiss, a renegade Dark Elf, found a common purpose together and so began a tale that has woven itself through the taverns of the entire Flanaess.

In their adventures, others such as Brother Griften and Kith Forrester joined Tempus, banding together and forming the most powerful force of good, The Scourge of the Underdark, and to this day, tales snake their way into every conversation about the heroic band of adventurers. Their exploits help to shape the world in which good battles evil in every town, and their example brings hope to the hearts of those who have nothing to call their own.

Of all that Tempus, Chosen of Agravelenon has accomplished, one thing stands atop them all as the defining achievement of his life… the rescue and retribution of his long-lost love, Tamarina.

For centuries, these two entwined souls have endured amidst chaos in the hope of finding everlasting peace and contentment once again. From the mists of Ravenloft and with the help of the rest of The Scourge, Tempus vanquished the ancient vampire Strahd with a powerful swing of his mighty Sunblade. From that point on, Tempus & Tamarina finally knew the love and peace they had sought for so many years.

And since then, their lives have grown more and more complete. With the birth of their first child, Tempus has found the inner peace he did not know before. Their life together in Rel Mord is fraught with the danger that Tempus welcomes, and the priesthood of Agravelenon draws more and more followers each month.

Here is a picture of the magical lockets bestowed upon Tempus & Tamarina by the mysterious Shadow Mage as a wedding gift. It allows for an apparent empathic link between those who share the two lockets across miles, across planes, and through the trying times that the couple will endure. Surely there is something else to the motivations that this enigmatic figure has shown such generosity…

If there is one thing that Tempus may boast, if not the undying love his wife holds for him when he is away, it is the undying loyalty his companions have for the priest warrior.

Author: Fab