The 7-Pillared Hall

  1. His orcs were to watch the pass for the woman with the eyepatch
  2. Solomon had promised to return with more money and a magic item when the job was done
  3. Apparently the girl with the eyepatch was stalking Solomon and had come back for more
  4. Thunderspire: 2 days to Falcrest
  5. Thunderspire: 4 days to dwarven city
  6. Minotaur’s worship Baphomet: One of the lords of the nine hells on a massive maze
  7. Rough voice, “You’re ours now, halfling, we’ll easily get 10gold for you”
  8. Rendil Halfmoon is the halfling we saved from the Bloodreavers
  9. The Bloodreavers hide mostly in the Chamber of Eyes; down below the 7-pillared hall
  10. Stay on Brugg‘s good side (big enforcer ogre for the mages)
  11. Once the market square and meeting place of Sarune Kell
  12. The Map of the 7-Pillared-Hall:
    • 1 – Entrance from Mountain
    • 2 – The Custom house
    • 3 – The Deepgem Company
    • 4 – Medieval Garage (Bersk’s)
    • 10 – Halfmoon Inn & Tavern
    • 16 – Gendar’s Curio
    • 17 – Rough tavern (brugg’s hangout, orcs, hobgoblins, etc)
    • 20 – Tellren led us to Chamber of Eyes through this way
  13. The Halfmoon Inn is run by Ara Halfmoon; Rendil’s aunt
  14. Fatale – she’s not from here (from another plane): Shadar-kai
    • A witch of some power
    • Apparently she has several shadar-kai bodyguards
  15. In the bar: Vadriar (John Malkovich), Dresken (eaves-dropper), Surina (dragonborn), Bennik the Wanderer (bard)
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